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Soho House Chicago - Grand Opening

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

As a writer, a photographer, an artist, I often find myself in need of a good dose of inspiration. Sometimes a new coffee shop will do the trick, or even a brief break from my window-absent desk. Either way, I find a change of scenery can make all the difference.

With the long-awaited grand opening of Soho House Chicago, on Monday, August 11th, I am sure that Chicagoans will have no lack of inspiration. Just walking through the doors of the first floor of this six-story, hotel meets private club, gave me goose bumps! Large vintage chandeliers adorn the ceiling, an eclectic collection of over-sized armchairs and couches fill the lobby, shelves stocked with books line the walls; it’s the perfect combination of luxury and home comfort. While most floors are reserved only for members, this first floor offers two restaurants, Chicken Shop and Pizza East, as well as The Allis, a full bar, and a spa, all open to the public!

It is no surprise that my favorite level of the house is the rooftop. Not only does it offer an amazing view of the city, but it also includes a 60-foot swimming pool and al fresco restaurant. Down one level on the fifth floor, members can enjoy the swanky vibe of the Club floor, complete with a restaurant, bar and soundproof library, perfect for an intimate showcase of live music.

photo courtesy of Soho House

The fourth and third floor are reserved for room accommodations. You don’t need to be a member to stay a night at Soho House, but with your very own room, decorated with custom wallpaper and carpeting, you’ll feel just like one. Room size ranges from 300 square feet to 600 square feet, each one including a king size bed.

photo courtesy of Soho House

photo courtesy of Soho House

Finally, the second floor is where guests and members can sweat it out. More than the typical hotel, this gym features a professional boxing ring, state of the art cardio equipment, two fitness studios, launderette, and steam rooms. With a set up like this, you’ll have the best excuse to workout!
Now with Chicago added to the roster, there are 12 houses, 5 in North America alone, each one unique to their individual communities. Created with the creative in mind, Soho House's mission is to provide a place for like-minded individuals to come together and to be inspired. After seeing the space for myself, all I can say is bravo Soho! Mission accomplished. 

Soho House Chicago is located at 113-125 North Green Street Chicago, IL 60607. For more information about memberships visit
Perry Fish, Event/Entertainment/Lifestyle Blogger

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