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Love Premium Denim : "Love At First Fit"

Monday, August 18, 2014 Teresa Espinoza

Jeans have long been a staple in women’s closets. And rightfully so for their comfort and versatility. But when it comes to actually finding the perfect pair of jeans, it’s something that takes work! Women want style, fit and comfort all wrapped into one perfect pair. It’s a lot harder than you can imagine! I’ve sacrificed comfort for style when it comes to jeans more times than I can count. Likewise, I’ve sacrificed style for comfort. It’s really hard to find a middle ground with your jeans. Luckily, I came upon a pair that I’ve called my “perfect pair”!

Ladies, meet Love Premium Denim, a creation of FDJ French Dressing. Its high fashion denim design is not only unique and flattering but also extremely comfortable! Love Premium Denim is unlike other denim available today in that they feature a unique 35% Lycra technology that helps flatten the tummy and lift the behind. They call it “Hold-You-In” technology because of it’s 360 degree stretch.

Love Premium Denim comes in four different styles that all feature their “Hold-You-In” technology. They come in Suzanne, Olivia, Kylie and Jegging. I was lucky enough to try out Olivia and Kylie. Olivia is a mid –rise jean sitting right below the navel with a slim leg. While, Kylie on the other hand is a lower rise jean that sits about 1 ½ inches below the navel with a slim leg.
photo credit: Love Premium Denim

While both were amazing, but my favorite was the Kylie. I absolutely fell in love with these! The style features a simple but stylish stitching detail along the lower leg, which makes it really stand out. Kylie made everything look amazing! My favorite part is that I tend to get a little bit of peek a boo love handle with my jeans. The fit on the Kylie smoothed the entire silhouette out. As for the lift of the behind…. that’s no lie! It really does! The fact that these jeans were so comfortable was just the cherry on top of it all. I think I may have just found my perfect pair of jeans!

FDJ French Dressing is all about empowering women, so much so that they have taken on helping a great cause. Love Premium Denim donates a portion of proceeds to the CURE Foundation for breast cancer awareness while styles are named after breast cancer survivors.

Get your perfect pair at and learn where else you can find one of their
300 independent boutiques and retailers throughout North America!

- Teresa Espinoza 
  Fashion  & Style Editor
 Halfstack Magazine

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