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Krates Kicked off the Party

Friday, August 29, 2014 Unknown

I asked the Canadian Electronic Music Band, "Keys N Krates," seven lucky questions when they came to town over the enjoyable Labor Day Weekend.

Images courtesy of DIM MAK

The Krates played a killer after show at Bottom Lounge after an evening set going from 6:00-7:00PM on Friday in Union Park on the (847) stage. That would also be my area code coincidentally as I write from my space in Lake County. So I feel at home with these neighbors from the Far North East. You have my digits, KNK.

KNK consists of DJ: Greg Dawson aka Jr. FLO (turntable), David Matisse (synthesizer/keyboardist), and Adam Tune (drummer).

J.A.S. How did you come up with the name of your band, is there a funny story associated?

Jr. FLO: We actually came up with the name in a brainstorming session with one of our managers. I can't even remember who actually came up with it, but it was said, and we all kind of liked it and it stuck with us. Tune hadn't fully committed to the band at the time, so he was left out. We joke that he is the 'N in Keys N Krates. 

J.A.S. Who writes the beats?

Matisse~ All three of us come in with ideas and present them to the others and if we all like it, we throw it on the production computer and all take stabs at working on it. It's not uncommon for me to make the drums for a track, or Tune play some keys, or Flo to add the 808's or baseline. We all contribute and argue until a track emerges. 

J.A.S. Where have you played in Chicago? What is your favorite thing about Chicago?

Tune- We've played the MID a few times, North Coast back a few years ago and Aragon Ballroom along with Zeds Dead. We really dig the vibe and people of Chicago, the fans show us a lot of love out here. We may or may not squeeze a few deep dish pizzas!

J.A.S. What is your favorite part of being a musician & your least favorite part?

Matisse~ Favorite part is probably challenging myself with playing new parts and new songs within our set. And being able to nail a part that's taken a bit of practice. Least favorite part is the long grueling hours of rehearsing and lugging of equipment to every show. 

J.A.S. Who are your musical influences outside of EDM (house, techno, rave)?

Tune- We come from a Hip Hop background so we all have drawn influence from that or old soul music. We draw from all over really. 

J.A.S. Tell me about this summer on a whole, how has the tour been going?

Flo: This summer has been really amazing, we've been out almost every weekend to festivals all over the USA and Europe. We've always loved playing festivals, so to be able to play as many as three a weekend and keep a semi-regular schedule during the week has been the best of both worlds. It's also allowed us to finish our Every Nite EP and rehearse for our upcoming EVERY NITE TOUR, so it's been a pretty productive to say the least.

J.A.S. What can I expect from your upcoming EP, “EVERY NITE?”

Tune- You can expect a lot of what we have kind of been known for, the chopped up high pitched vocals, melodic chords and heavy beats. With this extended play, we set out to make something that people can enjoy in a club setting or driving late night in their car on a long road trip. Having said that, we also wanted DJ to be able to play tracks out. We are really happy with how it turned out.

By Jason Adam Shimberg

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