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Beauty tips from the chic Emirates Cabin Crew

Tuesday, August 05, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

On August 5, Emirates Airlines will be adding its ninth US market here in Chicago at O’Hare Airport. Their cabin crew have a globally recognized uniform and look. Every cabin crew member spends a week learning about the Signature image and uniform. I had the opportunity to interview Marnie Kennedy, a cabin crew member, and got to learn a little more on beauty and traveling.

1. What is one of your favorite things as being part of the Emirates Cabin Crew? 

MK – One of my favorite things about being an Emirates Cabin Crew is meeting so many different people from around the world and getting travel tips about the particular destination of that flight. For example, if I am operating a flight to Shanghai, I will try to speak with a local passenger or crew member to get some advice on places to visit, things to see, food to eat, and get some insight on the life and culture of the destination. It provides a unique and authentic experience that I likely wouldn’t find in any guidebook! I love it!

2. As part of the cabin crew you had to go through training on keeping that iconic look global, what is one of the best tips you received at the training?

MK – In training I learned that representing a company is so much more than just having neat hair, fresh makeup, and a pressed uniform. It’s also about your body language and personality. I’ve learned lessons I not only use while in uniform but that I’ve adopted in my personal life as well. First impressions are lasting impressions. A smile and a positive attitude go a long way.

3. Part of your look is wearing red lipstick, what are some of your favorite red lipsticks and what advice do you have for keeping it looking fresh?
MK – I’ve recently started wearing lipstick from the Sephora Collection. Their Cream Lip Stain is lightweight and long lasting, perfect for our long haul trips! I also like to keep a moisturizing stick on hand to keep my lips hydrated. As long as my lips feel good, I can guarantee that they look good too!

4. What do you find to be the best makeup products to wear when traveling?

MK – I’m a huge advocate of Clinique Superbalanced Makeup. I have oily skin so this oil-free foundation is perfect for me and keeps me confident from take-off till landing. It provides great, even coverage that barely feels like I have anything on. It’s also moisturizing which is essential for the aircrafts dry environment. I can't imagine a flight without it! I also love Clarins, their products are long lasting and suited for a cabin crew lifestyle.

Check out the tips below from the Emirates team!

Cabin Crew Tips for Travelers

•    If you do wear makeup, make sure your look is natural and light. If you decide to sleep on one of Emirates lie-flat Business Class seats, use a makeup wipe to remove your makeup and keep your skin fresh. This will also avoid your makeup looking noticeably smudged or worn.
•    Lip gloss should be avoided while flying as it is sticky and needs to be applied more frequently than lipstick. If you wear lipstick, color your lips in with a matching lip liner to extend the life of the red color.
•    Placing foundation over your lips and eyes can make the color stay on longer as well. Apply eye shadow afterwards and your looks will last on even the longest of flights
•    Waterproof mascara should be avoided as this dries out your lashes and is harder to remove after a flight or with a makeup wipe before sleeping onboard.

•    Keep hair tame while travelling on long flights by tying it back into a bun, braid or a low pony tail. This will keep it from tangling and keep it looking fresh when you take it down at arrival.
•    Pack a small brush or comb in your purse or carry on to straighten hair in the airport.
•    Bangs can be pinned back with bobbypins or a headband to avoid them looking worn.


•    Wearing light or natural nail polish is the best when travelling since a small chip in the nail won’t show as much. It is great to pack a clear top coat in your suitcase if you are travelling for a few days so that you can keep your manicure looking fresh.
•    Natural skin products are the best type to use before getting on a plane. The lower levels of oils keep your skin maintained when combined with minimal makeup.
•    Use hand and face moisturizers to help combat dry skin at high altitude. Apply hand lotion throughout your flight and you will have a hand ready to shake while networking at the Onboard Lounge.

•    Always carry a sewing kit and spare buttons with you
•    Roll on perfume fits nicely into purses and other small carry ons
•    Bring a shower cap when travelling so that you can freshen up without having to redo your blowdry
•    Make sure all products you bring on board comply with TSA regulations and are less than 3 ounces

Cabin Crew Look
•    Cabin Crew undergo a special Image & Uniform training that keep the iconic look uniform across the globe
•    Hair Styles: Low bun created using a bun donut, low pony tail to allow for the iconic red hat with a silk scarf that curves around the wearers neck
•    Makeup: Cabin Crew use makeup that is natural based with plant extracts to protect the skin. The red lipstick is a signature of the airline.
•    Nails: Nails are to be kept short and painted in a natural color to avoid chips.
•    Iconic Uniform: Since the launch of the airline in 1985, the globally recognized uniform of the Emirates Cabin Crew consists of an attractive white silk scarf wrapped around the red hat and curves round the wearer’s neck giving tribute to the traditions of the Middle East. The most noticeable elements of the female crewmember uniforms are a beige piping detail on the current red hat, a more fitted, chic and eye-catching blouse along with red kick-pleats in the skirts and subtle red pin stripes throughout.

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