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Things to do - Taking back the streets Art Exhibit and WAT-AAH!

Friday, July 18, 2014 Joshua Beck

You know how we roll here at Halfstack, we live by the the mantra of do good, feel good. So, when a a company in Chicago is doing good for the community, we can't help but shout it from the rooftops. That's where this Friday edition of Things to do begins.

If you like art, like helping kids stay healthy and love the great city of Chicago, then you must definitely check out the Taking Back the Streets Art Exhibit brought to you by WAT-AAH! One of America's fastest growing water companies geared towards kids and teens. So, what's the whole event about you ask?
Working in the support of the Parntnership for a Healther America's National "Drink Up" campaign, the traveling art show is here to encourage all of us Chicagoans - in particular youth - to drink more water! Who doesn't need water? I know I should be drinking more water - here is a great take on the benefits of drinking more water including taking 10 years off your face: The Daily Mail UK.

The exhibit will be a weekend-long gallery show at Moonlight Studio that is showcasing some amazing artwork by nationally recognized street artists. Yes, Graffiti friends, the kind of graffiti that is legal, inspirational and most effectively empowering and sure to leave you in awe. Friday, though, the event is catering towards the youth with kids workshops that will offer creative tips for aspiring artists! I wanna go and I am almost 30! If you have kids, this is a must hit event, even if you don't have kids it sounds like it is going to be one helluva party. Hey, Chicago's very own FLOTUS made it out to the New York opening. So, let's do her proud and pack this event this weekend.

Halfstack had the opportunity to speak with the founder of WAT-AAH, Rose Cameron, about her journey down this path and what her goals were for the company! When asked what makes WAT-AHH unique from other companies slinging bottled water she highlighted that the brand focuses on children. Both from a product standpoint, branding as well as the fact that there is NO sugar in her product at all. She is working hard to ensure that she can make water a better source for thirst quenching. Rather than soda, juice or other carbonated drinks, Rose has spent the last 6 years working hard to make water a viable option for kids. As someone who came from a family that suffered from diabetes and health conditions, Rose worried over the health of her own family and launched a business to find a solution. She has made it a point to find a way to make water more exciting and even cool to drink!

That's pretty bad-ass if you ask us. Now, take a minute, if you will to check out WAT-AAH while you chug down a liter of the clear stuff and then check out some great art tonight, will ya!? See, do good, feel good - WAT-AAH keep living by that mantra and we are sure you will continue to grow!

Learn more here.

Moonlight Studios
1446 W. Kinzie St.
Chicago Illinois 60642United States

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