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Child of Light is now Available on the Playstation Vita!

Thursday, July 24, 2014 Joshua Beck

Does a videogame constitute art? This is a debate that has crossed the videogame industry more than once in it's brief history as an outlet for entertainment; recent releases have began to have a more concrete answer for this question!

Child of Light is one of these recent titles, and with a focus on an art style that is inspired by the Golden Age of Illustration it can truly turn heads as a form of art unto itself. The story follows a young girl from late-19th century Austria(The story lends itself well to it's art style.) who contracts a physical illness that causes her to fall into a slumber, only to awake in a fantastical world that is at odds with a wicked queen whom the main character must confront in a grand quest.

The small team of Ubisoft Montreal responsible for the development of Child of Light used Ubisoft’s powerful "UbiArt Framework," a development engine that allows programmers and artists to work more closely together than they would in a more traditional development environment by allowing the direct insertion and manipulation of concept art. This method has allowed Child of Light to maintain as close a vision as possible to the original concept the artists had. Mix this with the variety of character dialogue, which also uses hand drawn concept art to portray, and you have what could be the very definition of an "Artistic videogame."

With it's art style the game also takes a unique approach to game play that few titles in the past have, it utilizes the classic run and jump platforming of retro-era games with the RPG-esque elements that are common in the Japanese market of videogames.

With a release on all major consoles, Windows, and now (as of this month) Playstation Vita, Child of Light looks as though it is attempting to propose a direct challenge to those outside the mainstream gamer community, and more to those who would likely tell you a videogame cannot be art!

If you would like to know more about Child of Light, you can check out the game's page on Ubisoft's website.

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