A Beautiful Twist on Water

Summer is here and man is it HOT out! I can not stress enough just how important it is to keep hydrated, we are likely more dehydrated than we even realize.  Remember that thirst many times is mistaken for hunger.  So when you are feeling a craving for a visit to the vending machine, or another trip to the refrigerator, be sure to get your fill on water before reaching for the snacks. Not only is this a great way to keep the belly bulge down this summer, but it will keep your skin glowing like a diamond.  As much as we all know that we need to up the amount of water we take in, there are many of you that would rather reach for a coke or ice tea before ever reaching for a tall glass of the clear stuff.

Image courtesy of Sabrina Victoria

So here is a little twist on the well known boring glass of water. Grab yourself any variety of fruit, more colorful and water based the better.  For instance, berries, strawberries, kiwi and citrus fruits are great to start out with.  Put one kind of fruit, or a variety of fruits in a glass or pitcher.  Fill the container with filtered water, let sit for an hour or more in the refrigerator and then enjoy.  Not only are you receiving the amazing nutrients from the water, but you are adding the nutrients from the fruit. 

I am sure you are thinking to yourself, 'Wow, this sounds amazing, what is the name of this wonderful concoction I am just now learning about?'  'Water Infused With Fruit'  

Take a minute and review the video below showing you exactly how easy it is to prepare this amazing hydrating treat!

Stay Fabulous!

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