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JACK + MULLIGAN High Quality Luggage on an interns budget!

Thursday, June 19, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Have you ever had a dilemma of wanting to travel in style but did not want to pay an arm and leg for stylish luggage? Or have you ever had the problem of finding a bag that was the perfect size to be utilized for various reasons? Well, wait no more. Halfstack presents to you the Jack + Mulligan new duffels and weekenders! Jack + Mulligan has created new styles and color ways that gives you the convenience of space from going on an adventure, traveling, commuting to work, school, or even hitting the gym. Not only do these weekenders and duffels serve their purpose as being an American made high quality bag, but they are very stylish and can be worn many ways.

The Newton: This classic weekender is large enough to accompany you on a weeklong trip or even on an adventure. The Newton is 18oz. twill and waxed canvas with water-resistant nylon lining and leather accents. Available in navy, olive, black. $295

Fashion Tip: Since the Newton comes in neutral colors, the weekender would look awesome with a pair of dark denim jeans, a pair of wingtip oxfords (either black, brown, or even an animal print; but it must have a neutral color in it such as brown or black so colors won’t conflict like leopard). Shirt could be a Henley, V-neck, or a solid color button down shirt. The combination of the twill and waxed canvas on the weekender will add the perfect touch to your outfit!

The Kennedy: The new Kennedy duffel is the perfect companion whether you’re commuting to work, hitting the gym, or skipping town for a long weekend. You can comfortably fit necessary provisions for a few days- clothing changes, laptop, tablet, reading material, etc. Composed from a sturdy 18oz. canvas with water-resistant nylon lining and waxed canvas bottom. Available in navy, olive, black, red/khakiNantucket Redivory, olive/navy, and khaki/olive. $158

Fashion Tip: I absolutely love the Kennedy duffel! The Kennedy is very versatile and can pretty much go with anything and any color. It can be worn with many types of active wear. The Kennedy has a laid back, casual look with the waxed canvas bottom giving it a clean look. This duffel would look very good 
with a tank of any color, cargo shorts, boat shoes or plimsolls, and a fedora or baseball cap giving either a preppy appearance, or a casual look.

The Thompson: The new Thompson Tote is crafted from military grade nylon and nautical rubber for a bag that is equally handsome and hardwearing. Chocolate leather accents are used for added durability and comfort. Available in Woodland/White, Woodland/yellow, Digital/Red, Digital/White, and Digital/Yellow. $95

Fashion Tip: Camouflage is always a good print to have. Even though it is a print, many believe that you can’t wear it with a lot. However, that is wrong! This military nylon inspired bag can be worn with a cardigan, chinos, and some loafers. Jeans and shorts can even be worn with the cardigan and loafers. 
The choice of color for the chinos can vary as long as you have a compliment color and a neutral to make the camouflage stand out but bring the whole outfit together!

Written by Andre Thompson

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