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Issue Sneak Peak: We only reap what we sow.. So why not sow peace?

Monday, June 09, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

On March 28, a Roots of Peace Compound in Karte Char, Kabul was attacked. This humanitarian organization replants and rebuilds mine fields in war torn areas and makes them into farmland. This is part of their “Mines to Vines” initiative. After the tragic death of Princess Diana, the landmine crisis became abundantly clear to the founder of Roots of Peace, Heidi Kühn. She was inspired to launch her own organization dedicated to helping the victims of land mine accidents by clearing the dangerous regions of mines and planting sustainable crops in their place.

The Taliban used a suicide car bomb and four armed men to invade the Roots of Peace facility and hold 25 foreign residents of the guesthouse hostage for several hours. After the Afghan forces intervened, the attackers were killed, but caught in the cross fire were two innocent bystanders who lost their lives, one was a sixteen year old girl, the other was a working father of three. Although no residents or staff were killed, this incident only serves to magnify the impending danger on high profile targets such as Roots of Peace.

This organization has no religious affiliation; however, the Taliban made a statement saying they attacked the guesthouse because foreigners made it into a “church used to convert Afghans.” The group is used solely to rebuild communities, and in no way, threatened the native’s religious values. Despite this unfortunate event, the Roots of Peace staff and volunteers soldier on towards reaching their goal of peace and tranquility in war ravaged countries.
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