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Interview With Cheri Lindsay: Her Journey of Having Vitiligo

Saturday, June 21, 2014 Joshua Beck

Have you ever seen or met someone who makes you really think about the way you look at yourself and others?  That is what Cheri Lindsay has done for me.  I am sure that most of you have seen or heard her without even knowing it.  Cheri shared her journey of having vitiligo on her you tube channel. Later, she was later was discovered by Dermablend and now has become part of their Camo confession campaign. After watching Cheri’s video I had to know about her and her empowering story. Lucky for me I was able to do just that.

1. Your confidence is amazing!  Where does it come from?

My dad, who has vitiligo and has an awesome personality, I watched him when I was growing up and seen him dealing with people that were drawn to him based on the fact that he had vitiligo. I think it had a lot to do with his personality so I adopted the same one.

2. What is the best piece of advice you can give someone that is struggling with the way they look at themselves because of in their eyes they don’t see their natural beauty.

To know that nobody is perfect and love yourself.

3. What made you to start to use Dermablend and how did you first heard about them?

When I was 19, and my vitiligo had appeared more on my face, my mom took me to the Dermablend counter at Macy’s.

4. Why did you decide to share your journey and struggles?

I wanted to educate people on Vitiligo and answer the questions that many people are afraid to ask. I also wanted to let people know that there is an alternative if you want to cover it up.

5. How do you hope to empower more people like you to find strength in their differences?

I want to raise awareness for vitiligo. What it is and how you don’t have to hide from it.  I would rather have a person ask me about it than make their own assumptions.

6. When you of think of the word empowerment - what does it mean to you?

Encouraging and empowerment have a lot of weight.  Reaching my goals, and setting higher ones once those are reached.

7. How has Dermablend helped you to achieve more than just beauty from a skin deep point of view?

I don’t use the makeup all of the time, I don’t feel the need to have to hide behind it.

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