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Halfstack Highlights: Episode 12- Meet Benjamin Edelstein

Thursday, June 26, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

In today’s Halfstack Highlights – Editor-in-chief: Jen Lezan continues the conversation on empowerment and following your dreams with Benjamin Edelstein– a 29 year old - renowned international award winning landscape photographer. Jen and Benjamin discuss how sometimes our first instinct in terms of our future isn’t always right, but that when we go with our passions beautiful things emerge. They also speak about Benjamin’s recent success at Art Basel and sage advice for the budding creative. Take a listen below or tune in on iTunes!

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Images courtesy & copyrighted - Benjamin Edelstein

Benjamin's photography is breathtaking and his journey is inspirational. As a former law student who was on track toward a career in the legal field, this self taught photographer took a leap of faith one summer and hasn't looked back. His hard work and dedication to his craft truly shows in his remarkable pieces. His work has been utilized in a wide range of commercial industries including advertising and being published in national magazines, but he finds most joy in his pursuit to capture nature's raw beauty. Benjamin aspires to push his creativity, and show a world that few people ever get the chance to see or experience. Check out his amazing work below.

Images courtesy & copyrighted - Benjamin Edelstein

Images courtesy & copyrighted - Benjamin Edelstein

Images courtesy & copyrighted - Benjamin Edelstein
We hope you enjoyed this latest episode of Halfstack Highlights. If you listeners are interested in checking out Benjamin’s work: you can visit him online at and be sure to keep up with him on instagram @benedelstein.

Images courtesy & copyrighted - Benjamin Edelstein

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