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Cultured Spotlight: Introducing Article22, A Brand That Designs Accessories Out of Vietnam War Bombs

Saturday, June 21, 2014 Joshua Beck

I know that Article22 is NOT based out of Chicago, but this concept is so unique and environmentally friendly, how could I NOT feature it on the Cultured Spotlight column here at Half Stack? Also this accessory line also donates 10% of total profits to the Laos community AND each piece of jewelry clears 3 meters or more of the bomb-littered land; a brand with a conscious.

So what is this Article22 accessory line? They create accessories comprised of scrap bomb metal.
Also Article22 just unleashed their 2nd collection called A22.2, which is a more high-end pieces finished with semi and precious metals. This line, inspired by the idea of “Ashes to Angels” the collection fuses texture and luminosity bringing light to the past in a modern form. 

This extraordinarily unique line founded by Elizabeth Suda who is Brooklyn-based by the way, was inspired to create Article22 when she visited workshops in the rural community of Ban Naphia. “With Article22 we can now tell the stories of Laotian communities with a modern and original approach, creating unique objects and new forms of business with local entrepreneurs.” Also as mentioned before the line helps clear the land for these people of bombs and also gives money back to the community! 
So what does the newest collection of Article22, which is A22.2 consist of? It encompasses the idea of ashes, bolts and shards from war metal and features long necklaces, earrings and fine bracelets (A22.2 pieces are pictured in this article!) 

Colorful names such as the Ashes Shard Collar Necklace and Bolts Bangles make up this collection. Some pieces are more casual some are extremely elegant, so a little for everyone. Most importantly, each item sold contributes to the company’s mission “trade not aid,” by sustaining an artisan community in Laos. 
Pieces in the A22.2 collection range from $95 all the way up to $850 and there is jewelry for both men and women!!! So check out Article22 and by looking fashionable you not only are giving back to a community in Laos, but also cleaning the land from bomb waste that happened over 40 years ago!!!

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