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Against All Odds: Meet Tamika Price

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 Joshua Beck

Tamika Price truly embodies the term hustle. She is a fierce half-black, half-Puertorican woman on a mission, with big goals and lofty dreams. She has transitioned from a seasoned stylist appearing on shows such as The Rachel Ray Show to a boutique owner and she’s even penned her own book: Standout Style.

Yet, her story has humble beginnings. Despite Tamika’s polished demeanor and fabulous personality, her life has been anything but easy and glamorous. Between 3rd grade through 8th grade Tamika along with her siblings and family faced consistent homelessness on the streets of Chicago. This created an incredibly tight knit bond between her and her sisters. They are some of her biggest fans. Yet this experience did more than bind, it taught Tamika at a young age about appreciation, hard work and overcoming obstacle. This experience instilled in her the work ethic that has allowed her to become a successful entrepreneur. It truly shaped her into the person she is today and due to her innate understanding of the struggles of those in need, it has always pushed her to give back to her community now as a business owner. Growing up Tamika always knew that life had bigger things in store for her.

After graduating from Northern Illinois University, Tamika set out to take over the corporate HR world, but her dreams came to a halt when she was laid off. Rather than wallowing in self-pity, this go-getter continued to build up her styling clientele and portfolio that she was nurturing as a side business during her corporate days to help fulfill her inner creative voice. Her love of fashion and impeccable style allowed her to build an incredible following and set out on her own path. She never turned back.

Fast forward nearly 6 years and she has garnered national media attention, been a speaker at multiple women’s empowerment networking events, maintained a successful clientele and even released her own styling book last year- Standout Style: The Shopping & Style Guide for Real Women. The book is the epitome of a personal style book. Rather than following trends, Tamika preaches the idea that women should dress for their body type.

In addition to her success as a stylist, Tamika has established an annual charity fashion show and expo to fight homelessness and empower women of all shapes and backgrounds. Dangerous Curves ahead Charity Fashion Show benefits Tamika’s non-profit A-line Foundation. The 6th annual show will be presented this September and it is the culmination of all of Tamika’s interests, passions and hard work.

As Tamika continues to grow, she has realized that there was a need for her clientele and saw an opportunity to expand her brand. She recently opened the Standout Style Boutique storefront in Lakeview, an up and coming trendy Chicago neighborhood this past March. The boutique offers moderately priced clothing from local indie designers, great labels that cater to the everyday woman looking for great styles, accessories and a range of sizes that cater to petite and plus sized individuals.

Due to her extensive styling background, shoppers have the opportunity to get free styling services on site to help them curate their closets. Tamika’s eye for good quality design and fit ensures her customers leave feeling put together and successful with their shopping trip. She prides herself in being honest with her customers about the products they are trying to ensure they only leave with items that they love.

The journey into entrepreneurship is not always gilded in gold and Tamika points out that anyone who runs a business needs “to get used to not being comfortable”. The reality is that anyone chasing a dream must be prepared to experience situations that they are not used to. Yet, that is what allows the growth entrepreneurs need to continue to build their brands and become a better businessperson.

Tamika embodies the empowered individual as she has maneuvered her way through ups and downs throughout her life. She never allowed her circumstances to affect her vision and goals. She plans on growing her boutique into a chain and ultimately plans to settle in San Juan, Puerto Rico – a place close to her heart. She also hopes to grow as a designer over time and bring her visions to life in order to offer them to customers. When asked what advice she would offer up and comers interested in pursuing a similar journey, she offered the following insights.
  1. Find a mentor, someone who can inspire you advise and ultimately allow you to learn to build better relationships since networking is such an important aspect of the fashion industry.
  2. Be OK with working for free for a while. As scary as that seems, the reality is that in order to gain the experience necessary to grow, volunteering at fashion shows, interning with fashion brands and offering free services to build your portfolio is invaluable.
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