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Talking on the Side with Megan Johns from "5 Lesbians eating a Quiche"

Monday, May 19, 2014 Stella Quimby

5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche, not a common title of a theatrical performance that we see quite often. As I heard the title, I thought to myself, "sounds fun!" But do you know what's even better than the play's name? Interviewing an original cast member from it! We at Half Stack got the opportunity to interview one of the cast members (there are 5 female cast members in all) for a one-on-one interview!! When I heard about the opportunity, I totally jumped at it and got to have a fun conversation with original cast member Megan Johns!!!

The Gorgeous Megan Johns (photo from The New Colony website)

Megan in her role as Wren Robin (Photo by Michael Courier)
Before we get started on this fab interview, just a little bit more on our actress!! Megan is the only original member from 5 lesbians that is still in the same role, Wren Robin. She has directed, performed and written in the past 5 years in theater. She is part of a female comedy group Wise Snatch and has taught improve at the Annoynce for the past 6 years.

A little background on 5 lesbians is that it takes place in 1956 and the Susan B Anthony Society for Sisters of Gertrude Stein are having their annual quiche breakfast. What happens when communists (since it was a big fear back then) enter their town????
Half Stack: Thank you for taking some time aside to chat with us! Tell us a little about the 5 lesbians play? 
Megan: It is about 5 women assembled together! It is different from most plays since the audience is part of this annual quiche breakfast. The actresses speak to the audience, making them a part of the play, but don't worry, it is not interactive, we just speak to them but don't expect the audience to speak back (so you don't have to be scared to attend the play)!

Half Stack: How does your play compare to another ultra female play, The Vagina Monologues? 
Megan: Other than the titles (since they are highly feminine) and the fact that they are pro-female, they don't have many similarities. There are no men in 5 lesbians, and it is all about the sisterhood that these characters create amongst the 5 of us and also the sisterhood of everyone in the room.

Half Stack: Can you give our readers more of a sneak peek into your play??
Megan: This play is about a group of friends getting together for their annual quiche breakfast and discover secrets about the new every changing world. This play is not just about the ladies, but also about the fear of communism that existed in those times. In the show we see what happens with an ever present fear, the secrets fly!!

HalfStack: I have read in other reviews that the "quiche" is a sign of the female part...is that true? 
Megan: The egg does represent "holy" and the quiche represents "special." It does represent that part of the woman! The characters in the show don't know that they are lesbian it is a surprise for them; kinda like a revelation.

Giddy with Anticipation (Photo by Michael Courier)

HalfStack: Anything else you want to share with our readers? 
Megan: First, there are no men, no meat and all manners in this play! Come to it, you'll all have fun!! It is ridiculous and a enjoyable experience. It has a very genuine heartbeat to it, it is very colorful and you all get to be a sister in the play!!

It was such a pleasure speaking to Megan! Just a few more things to get you all off the couch and running to the Chopin Theatre to watch The New Colony's 5 Lesbians eating a Quiche! First, all New Colony Shows allow improve and the actors to collaborate with the writers to create more of a depth with the characters; which allow for a better performance! Second, this play is running for a limited time from May1-June 8, 2014!!!  Make sure to get your tickets here and again it is playing at the Chopin Theatre (1543 w Division st, Chicago) from May 1-June 8!!! Hope you all become part of the sisterhood!

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