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Miquelle West: A Stylist, An Artist, A Visionary

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Cheyenne Hendricks

Many of you may not know that I'm very active in show business. I love performing! It's a passion I've been pursuing since childhood, and I absolutely love it. Despite the thrill of being on stage or on screen, I can immerse myself in a supportive community of hard working, dedicated individuals. I've been in the industry for a few years now, and my experience has proven to me that when people see an actor, a singer, or a model, they are often so fascinated by that one person that they forget about those behind the scenes. There is much more to the entertainment industry than what you see on the surface. People don't think about the lighting, the sound, the make up, or even the clothes. For instance, I am a Sex & the City fan, but I didn't really think about the clothes worn during the film- that is until I got to interview the wildly talented, Miquelle West, a deeply impassioned designer taking on the world. 

She realized her life was meant to be oriented around fashion at the ripe age of four years old! As a child, she was modeling in adult shows and participating in fashion events which made it glaringly clear to her that this is what she was meant to do. She didn't let circumstances prevent her from achieving her dreams either.

"I could never imagine myself doing anything but something fashion related. I started working in luxury retail at age 16 to support myself while in high school. During my free time, I would embellish jeans to earn extra money. I had to take care of myself and prepare myself financially to move to New York to pursue my dream in fashion" 

She set out in the world with a fiery determination that landed her gigs on shows like Hope & Faith, movies like Sex & the City, and (most recently) the television network Revolt Tv. As a well travelled, well educated young woman who works closely with Mr. Sean Combs, otherwise known as P Diddy, she can attest to the fact that fortitude was crucial in her success. 

 "I have always been determined to be in fashion. Fashion is the beginning, middle, and end for me."

Although she loves London, she is currently thriving as a designer and stylist in Los Angelos. Her zeal and devotion resulted in her getting hired at Revolt TV only one week after arriving in the city of angels! That's what I call success. The clich├ęd cheer, "You go, girl!" sprang to my mind when she explained how the fervent following of her dreams has blossomed into a lifelong career. But! Her current success has not distracted her from her ultimate goals for the future. 

" I have two goals to achieve. 1)An A-List client walking the red carpet in a look that I create. 2) An Oscar nomination for best costume design. One thing I don't lack is ambition."

Miquelle is an astoundingly talented young woman gleefully working her way up the latter, and it was such a pleasure for me to interview her. She is confident, but humble. She hasn't forgotten her roots or who helped her get where she is today. 

"My mentor Patricia Field gave me all the tools that I needed to be successful as a stylist. She was very hands on while teaching me and I will always be grateful that she took me under her wing as an intern."  

Not only is she abundantly talented, but she's quick to use her resources. I didn't really understand how one could launch a career in fashion as quickly as she did, but evidently people's scuttlebutt is more valuable than big media advertising. 

"One satisfied customer is worth three referrals!"   So, now she utilizes the power of word of mouth to spread her name throughout the industry. 

Being an avid member of the entertainment industry myself, I was absolutely enamored with Miss West. She's got the quality easily recognizable in a true star, and I'm eagerly following her on social media to see what awesome things she does next. You can see her work every week day on Revolt TV. 

"My work is showcased daily Mon-Fri on Revolt Live. Sibley, DJ Damage, Amrit, and Quincy are wearing the looks." 

If you can't tune in to Revolt, then be sure check out what Miquelle is up to on Twitter and @MiquelleWest on Instagram! This tenacious designer has the potential to be the top designer in television! Join me in following her success story! 

Cheyenne Hendricks
Lifestyle Blogger

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