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Get Healthy this Summer!!! Make Summer of 2014 Your Best Yet!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Stella Quimby

In case you are wondering why the hell you are going to read another article about being healthy this summer? Well because this one actually said hell! It's getting warm out (FINALLY) and some of us are not in fab shape like others (myself included)...so here are a few things that will definitely help us shape up and look great this summer!!

1. Run a 5K this Summer!

Don't start panicking yet, it is not a darn marathon but a 5K (3.1 miles to be exact). It'll get you moving and back to shape before you know it (training for it).  The 5K that I recommend is Shape's Diva Dash! Not only is it a 5K but it is also a 5K Obstacle Run (adding to the fun). You run on trial, sand and road! Also some of the obstacles you face include running over tires, under fences, and much much more!!!! Make sure to sign up today here!! Also if you use the special code I am giving you, you'll get $10 off!! That code is AXBLOG. The Diva Dash is coming to Chicago August 2 in Sandwich IL from 9-2pm! See you all there with some fashionable tutu's!!

Photo from Shapes Diva Dash Website...Preview of what to expect

2.  Use some Weight Loss Supplements!

You might be thinking, Weight Loss Supplements are EVIL...truth is some are some are NOT. The ones that I am recommending are called Herbtheory Weight Management! It is part of Herbetheory's Boost series, meaning it is there to help boost your weight loss NATURALLY with non-GMO verified, and is also 100% vegetarian, free of artificial flavors/colors/preservatives, and soy/salt/yeast/milk/egg/sugar free. There’s no caffeine and it contains two clinically studied ingredients (kept extract and grape seed extract), plus a proprietary blend of turmeric, Chinese hawthorn, and bitter orange! Again this is not those pills that state you will lose weight just using them, Herbtheory Weight Management is a boost to help you lose weight with a healthy lifestyle (exercise...see above and diet). Check them out today!!
3.  Wear some Cool New Kicks!

What does this have to do with being healthy? Everything! When you are styling some new Summer Shoes, it gives you the confidence to want to be healthier and look better! My recommendation for some new kicks? Aersoles! Aerosoles have new shoes that are just to die for this summer! They are cute, stylish and not to mention COMFORTABLE so you won't be hurting for your morning run! They have no wedges, heels and cool sailor flats which I am sporting below!! Make sure to visit the Aerosoles website and see what's in store for this summer and burn some calories online shopping!

Herbtheory supplements & new Aerosoles kicks

Remember start with these 3 steps and start looking as good as you'll feel; and for Pete's sake, go outside and get some sun!!

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