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Firearms & Fashion Show Recap

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

The Halfstack team had the opportunity to attend the Firearms and Fashion Show presented by: Marilyn U. Smolenski of Nickel and Lace Karen Bartuch of AlphaGirls a couple of weekends ago! The event was a great opportunity to check out local talent and get the low down on how to incorporate items of self defense into any wardrobe. 

Illinois has been added to the slew of states to now pass conceal and carry laws with firearms. Therefore, it makes sense that women are looking for ways to incorporate their firearms into their everyday lives including fashion. Brands such as Nickel & Lace provide women with a product that does just that. Meanwhile - organizations such as Alpha Girls have made it a point to educate women and the public on self defense tactics to keep them safe in a sometimes scary world. 

The evening was a mix of education in a light hearted manner, style and networking. The fashion was edgy, unique and beautifully crafted.Vendors included: 5.11 Tactical, Nickel and Lace, Blue Bird Apparel, Fermented Fruit, AlphaGirls, Artifixer, Safer USA, On Target Radio, Allilamodie, Baubles and Bags, Laughing Tulips and Sarah Church. 

Highlights of the evening included fashions catering to the biking community from brand: Fermented Fruit Clothing by Eli Borrowman. The line is a mix of reflective biker and cyclist wear that has a distinctive mad max feel to them. The line is handcrafted by Borrowman in Chicago and truly showcases her immense skill in high quality design and tailoring. 

Another designer that truly stood out was Andrea Marcinkus of the Artifixer brand. Artifixer is a line of corset wear that takes sexy to another level. Inspired by steampunk with a raw vintage appeal, the styles showcased throughout the evening didn't fail to impress the crowd. Underbust, overbust and leather jackets as well as mens corset styles gave off a sophisticated yet domineering vibe. The line is badass and fitting of any empowered kick-ass individual. 


A few local favorites that also showed included: Sarah Church and Blue Bird Apparel. As usual, their casual wear, knits and gorgeous dresses were well receiver throughout the evening. Great denim pieces and casual pull overs from Blue Bird are a must try for the early days of summer. Slinky dresses that have a feminine appeal were perfect from Church and would be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

To check out the designers, scroll through the gallery below!


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