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Be Successful, Be Awesome, Be Edgy!

Thursday, May 01, 2014 Cheyenne Hendricks

Occasionally, we all need a swift kick in the pants to get us back on the road to success. There are those days (which turn into weeks and months) when we are just so down that we let life’s negativity get the best of us. These times can distract us from how determined we actually are. To get back on track, I recommend reading Dan Waldschmidt’s Edgy Conversations. This concise, brutally honest self-help book is exactly what you need to achieve every goal you’ve ever set for yourself.

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Waldschmidt himself went through some acuminous ups and downs before reaching the steady level of success he’s at today, but he stayed focused through it all, and ultimately, got what he wanted. This man built an empire from nothing, and now he is giving you the opportunity to achieve your dreams the same way.

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If you want a biting glimpse into your own reality, pick up Edgy Conversations. This fascinating book will guide you to the success you crave while teaching you how to stay focused on what’s important. All of the pesky distractions and disturbances in your life won’t seem so bothersome after you’ve read Edgy Conversations. You will be able to attack your ambitions with a fierceness you didn’t know you had!

Ordinary people can become extraordinary if they put their minds to it, and in his book, Waldshmidt gives numerous examples of underdog success stories that will blow you away! This book has changed my life and inspired me in a way I never expected. It’s so powerful, gripping, and well written, you won’t be able to put it down. Do yourself a favor and get it here. It might just be the most worth while motivational book you ever read.

Cheyenne Hendricks
Lifestyle Blogger

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