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Absinthe A Documentary Screening

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

The Green Fairy, Green Goddess, La Fée Verte.  In its prime, Absinthe was known by many names and by many artists.  With the rumored reputation to induce inspiring hallucinations, Absinthe became a muse for artists like Manet and Picasso.

This was about the extent of my Absinthe knowledge, before watching Absinthe – A Documentary.  Created in 2010 by filmmaker, Chris Buddy and his brother, this film highlights the history of Absinthe and reveals the truths behind this mysterious drink. 

On Tuesday, May 15th the documentary was shown at restaurant and absinthe bar, The Savoy for an exclusive screening.  Guests enjoyed absinthe samplings during and following the screening.  I had never tasted absinthe before, but if there was ever a time to, this was it.  The black licorice taste hit me first.  Following was a sweet, herbal aftertaste, brought on by the wormwood and fennel concoction. 

While sipping on some absinthe, Buddy and I chatted about the making of his film.

Halfstack:  What was your inspiration for making the documentary?

Chris Buddy: Well, the inspiration was clear.  It was my mother.  My mother was a French teacher for 35 years.  As me and my brothers got older and into drinking and through impressionist art, van Gogh, Cezanne, Manet; we would see Absinth in these paintings.   We didn’t know much of what it was, so I started researching it with my brother, who is also my French teacher, and we said, “why don’t we make a movie about this?”.

HM: Did you learn more about absinthe while making the film?

CB:  Yes, to be honest, we dove into this just knowing that we thought it was cool!  We learned so much as it unfolded.

HM:  What is your favorite thing about absinthe?

CB: My favorite thing about Absinthe remains the connection to the history…and it gets you pretty messed up.  As anyone will tell you, it’s very strong alcohol.  But I can’t help but think of the history when I drink it.  Absinthe isn’t just a drink, it’s a word that means so much more.

HM: What is your favorite thing about sharing the story of absinthe with people?

CB: Dispelling some myths while also keeping the myths alive.  It’s not this trippy, acid, hallucinogenic, it’s just a cool drink that is cold, refreshing and has a great history, but at the same time has these wild ideas attached to it.  It’s still kind of fun to think about those. 

For more information about Absinthe – A documentary check out absinthefilm.com

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