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Why You Should Try the 10-Day Detox Diet

Monday, April 21, 2014 Samantha Kirkpatrick

Do you feel lousy? Are you fatigued? Bloated? Anxious? Do you have aches and pains? Or skin irritation? You might be suffering from FLC Syndrome; humorously patented by Dr. Mark Hyman meaning, Feel Like Crap. Many of us suffer from one if not many of these symptoms and have sort of accepted feeling bad as normal, but Dr. Hyman insists we can feel better.

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“Most of us do not realize that what we’re eating not only makes us fat but it makes us sick. When you get rid of the junk and you eat real food, you can take back your brain chemistry, your hormones, you activate your fat burning genes; and you get rid of a whole list of health problems that are connected to the very reason that you’re over weight.” – Dr. Hyman

New York Times bestselling book, the 10-Day Detox Diet is not an empty promise of impossible results. Instead, its goal is to reboot our entire bodies and loosen the grip on our unwavering eating habits- loosing weight just happens to be a welcomed side effect. The book consists of detailed meal plans, grocery lists and recipes among many additional features. The diet essentially eliminates all processed foods and invites you to eat real food: vegetables, fruits and animal proteins. The prescribed diet is quite simply put: extremely healthy eating. Once you've rid your body of toxins, you slowly begin introducing food items you previously cut out. Your bodies reaction is an indicator of which foods to avoid to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. 

One reason why I'm personally a huge advocate for this book is through my own experience. My diet is strikingly similar to the 10-Day Detox, however I maintain it for months at a time. [I am not suggesting you do the same.] After several months of forgoing cheese and then finally reintroducing it to my body, I became extremely ill. I developed cystic acne, suffered from bloating and severe stomach cramps. I've since learned that contrary to my taste buds, the rest of my body does not appreciate dairy. 

Our cravings, which leave us feeling unbearably guilty, are due to the fact that we’re addicts. “We as a society consume 152lbs of sugar and 146lbs of flour a year. Almost a pound of sugar and flour a year per man, woman and child,” says Dr. Mark Hyman, attesting also that these substances are highly addictive. In fact, sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. Furthermore, he points out that the food industry is more than aware. High levels of sugar are lurking in products we consume, even presumably healthy items like pasta sauce. We’ve been hijacked, according to Dr. Hyman and therefore it’s important to acknowledge that our health issues are not completely our fault. That doesn't mean we shouldn't take responsibility to atone the problem. 

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Dr. Hyman aims to correct the root of our chronic illness (anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue, IBS, obesity, etc.) and he believes that process begins with the food we eat. He states, “Food is the biggest cause of disease and also the biggest cure.” Hyman is one of the few doctors who strive to cure ailments naturally and at the epicenter not by merely signing a prescription.

Before you write this off as some fad diet know that Dr. Hyman is not just any ol’ doctor either. His extensive background has earned himself a seat on the Board of Directors of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine; he’s Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine; and even participated in the White House Forum on Prevention and Wellness among many, many more accomplishments. His list of charitable work— including volunteering for Partners in Health, where he currently helps to rebuild the health care system in Haiti— is worthy of a separate blog post.

In 10 days you can organically discover how food effects your body. Dr. Hyman is confident that you will feel substantially better; increased energy and eradicated health issues. If absolutely nothing else, you'll likely shed a few pounds of unwanted fat. 

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Samantha Kirkpatrick
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