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Spruce up Your Lacquer Cabinet

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 Samantha Kirkpatrick

The days of receiving handwritten letters in the mail are pretty much obsolete. And yet, when we do, the thrill of reading the content of the letter impels us to tear open the envelope like Edward Scissorhands. For me, nothing quite outranked the excitement of collecting RSVP cards for my wedding but once that thrill ended it was back to the same old humdrum of coupons and bills. I thought I went paperless?

So what a welcomed surprise it was to find a Lacquer Cabinet box gracefully placed on top of the usual junk mail.

What’s that you ask?
Well, Lacquer Cabinet in conjunction with ‘Tini Beauty, offers limited-edition nail lacquer created by beauty and nail experts. Sign up, and you’ll receive monthly collections of polish colors and two empty bottles to experiment with your own mixology.

While searching for the perfect polish for her upcoming wedding, Michelle Toma Olson, Founder of ‘Tini Beauty, began mixing her own shades; thus creating the idea for her brand. They urge you to do the same and their "tip jar" offers helpful techniques to create your own perfect shade. 

A unique and affordable (ongoing) gift set for a special friend.
I secretly thank the post office for misplacing my order because the generous gals at ‘Tini Beauty promptly replaced my original package which eventually showed up several days later. Oops! Therefore I had the pleasure of sampling TWO collections.

Nailtini is passionate about keeping their cosmetics healthy and low in toxins. Now a 5-free lacquer:
No formaldehyde
No toluene
No dibutyl phthalate
No formaldehyde resin
No camphor

I love this line by "Love, Roxie" so much that I'm considering painting on my dogs nails. Too far?

When it comes to nail polish, my biggest pet peeve is a thin lacquer that requires at least nine coats. Not only is it a waste of polish but it inevitably leaves streaks that I end up staring at all day long. With LC I only needed one maybe two coats. No streaks, no lumps just nice even coverage that dried surprisingly quick.

The only disappointment I had was not getting my hands on their Simple Syrup and Dry Gin. What? Aren’t these names so creative and awesome? The Simple Syrup is a 5-free base coat, which actually contains a sugar-derived resin to really secure the polish on your nail bed. I feel like a true organic partisan just saying that. Where’s the nearest farmers market?

The Dry Gin is just a quick drying top coat. But saying, “Pass me the dry gin.” At your girls night sounds much cooler and sophisticated.

Check out ‘Tini Beauty where you can find an assortment of nails, lips and eye mixology products. At Lacquer Cabinet you can request one, six or 12 month subscriptions at an affordable price. Why not treat yourself to an unsuspecting reminder to relax and pamper those busy little fingers?

- Samantha Kirkpatrick
Lifestyle and Fitness Blogger 

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