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Sara Barron's "The Harm in Asking"

Wednesday, April 02, 2014 Cheyenne Hendricks

Fart aficionados rejoice, Sara Barron’s new book is here! The brassy, 34 year old Sara Barron bears all in her truly unique semi-biographical book, The Harm in Asking. From a daily routine of chatting with her post-defection imaginary friends to moving into a friend’s walk in closet, she’s sure to engage you in her world of unparalleled awkwardness!  She is painfully honest about her journey through that whirlwind of hormones and hate we call "puberty" her weird encounters with characters you wouldn’t find anywhere but the Big Apple, and her wondrous journey into lesbianism. With ease, she shamelessly illustrates life’s intimate, everyday struggles. Although her humorous, self pitying anecdotes are a little off-putting, they are 100% authentic. 


You will be shocked, tickled, and, at times, a little grossed out by this comedienne's candid rendition of her life’s most unusual encounters. She spares no details in her comically unbelievable recant of the crazy road blocks, failures, and confusing revelations in her life. As I read it over the weekend, I thought she prattled on a bit much about complaints only a needy child would find worthy of sympathy, and her negative feelings towards animals were distasteful. 

Despite these things, it’s still very relatable to most people and ultimately hopeful. The witty, textured anecdotes are told with a veracious cleverness that could easily warrant a hearty laugh. Although it isn’t what I’d consider a “must read” it’s definitely a much welcomed, lighthearted break after the stress of a long week. 

Cheyenne Hendricks
Lifestyle Blogger

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