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Pulse Presents "Prism" - Fashion Show making a difference

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 Teresa Espinoza

College run fashion shows have become the norm in most fashion schools. However, it’s rare to see a show entirely put together, executed and raised by the students themselves. When the show benefits a worthy and admirable cause, it’s that much more impressive.

I was one of the hundreds of attendees at the annual Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg Pulse fashion show on March 13th. I had a first hand view of the hard work and dedication that these 21 young ladies poured into this year’s show. Not only was it impressive to see but also incredibly inspiring. From start to end, concept to development, these ladies created what they named “Prism”; A fashion show with a much deeper meaning then simply the usual glitz and glam of fashion. Each year this student run show selects a charity to donate 100% of their proceeds from the show to. This year, Salute, Inc. was the charity selected. Salute, Inc is an organization that assists military service members, veterans and their families with their financial, physical and emotional needs. They strive to assure that every military family has the safety net that they deserve.

The show itself was amazing and had beautiful fun pieces that went hand in hand with the show theme, “Prism”. Student and local designers showcased their incredible work that was really fun to see walk down the runway. Most of the pieces that came down the runway had an edge that matched perfectly with the dramatic makeup that models were wearing. However, my favorite part of the show came when marines escorted models down the runway.  It was a small gesture to honor these amazing service members and the crowd absolutely loved every moment of it!

All together the show was a reflection of the strength that their charity, Salute, Inc. strives to be for their military members and families. With the help of hundreds of attendees, sponsors, designers and staff, the students of the Event Planning and Promotion Class of 2014 raised more than $18,000 for Salute, Inc. These 21 young ladies not only put on an amazing fashion show but more importantly made a difference and impact on people’s lives.   

Learn more about this amazing charity and their mission at .

Photo credit: Jaimin Parekh

Teresa Espinoza
Fashion Editor - Halfstack Magazine

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