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Natural Skin Care Regiments You Didn't Know

Sunday, April 27, 2014 Samantha Kirkpatrick

The weather has been a medley of elements; spring is here and it's time to reassess your skin care regiment. While you swap out your thick lotions for lighter, warm weather moisturizers, be sure to consider these unique skin care breakthroughs. 

Turmeric. This culinary spice local to India has been praised for its abundant health benefits; two huge breakthroughs include reducing the spread of cancer and liver disease. Of its many benefits we can now add skin car to the list. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of turmeric, taken orally, aids in ridding toxins from your body and has some researchers suggesting that its responsible for clear skin.  For an organic approach to skin care add a pinch of turmeric to your meals and try this Indian Bridal Glow mask.  

Eliminate dairy. I've examined the benefit of an elimination diet before and this experiment shares the same idea. If you’re currently experiencing breakouts try excluding dairy from your diet and see how your skin reacts. The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology has long been studying the links between diet and acne and in recent studies has found dairy- particularly milk- to be a significant trigger. 

Avoid foods with a high glycemic index. The glycemic index categorizes how much a particular food will raise a person’s blood glucose level after it’s consumed. Foods with a high-glycemic index cause a spike in insulin levels, which some researchers say can irritate skin.

Tiron. A study conducted at Newcastle University concluded that the antioxidant Tiron has 100% protection against UVA sun damage.  Though the data is still new and hasn’t been tested for toxicity in humans it is worthy of excitement. Author, Dr. Anne Oyewole of Newcastle University announces, "This finding on Tiron provides us with a platform to study an antioxidant -- preferably a naturally occurring compound with a similar structure which could then be safely added to food or cosmetics." 

Sun block… for your hair. We can't forget about our mane! As if blowouts, coloring and straight irons aren’t harsh enough, we even have to battle hair sun damage.  Excess sun exposure to the scalp can significantly affect the hair shaft. A European study concluded that UVB radiation is responsible for hair protein loss and UVA radiation is responsible for color changes.  With all the time and money spent in salons, an application of sun protectant on our stylish locks will keep them healthy.

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