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Diet Myth Debunked and What You Can Do

Wednesday, April 02, 2014 Samantha Kirkpatrick

I have something to tell you and you might want to sit down for this. The notion that diet doesn't affect your weight as long as you exercise is in fact a myth. I'm sorry, I'll give you a minute to gather yourself. 

We have all seen these Carl's Junior advertisements; slender women chomping on calorie rich foods.

It sounds ideal— sweat for an hour, eat cake and ta-da! Six pack. Unfortunately that’s not exactly true. But what about Michael Phelps? He consumed 12,000 calories a day and he was in great health. Well, he was an Olympian.  (I know Michael Phelps isn’t current news but I’ve heard this and similar arguments many times. Plus he’s making a comeback.)  So unless your workout routine is as vigorous as an Olympian put down the phone, you’re not ordering two large thick crust pizzas. 

When it comes to your size, diet plays a crucial role.  In order to lose weight, it’s as simple as calories in vs. calories out.  If you exercise, heck even if you’re stagnant you will burn some calories throughout the day. Here’s a hypothetical scenario to further simplify this concept:

You consume 2,000 calories daily
You burn 1,000 calories daily
Leaving you with an excess of 1000 calories
One pound of fat is about 3,500 calories

Therefore on this diet you will gain one pound of fat every 3 ½ to 4 days.
See how that works? There are dozens of gimmicky diets out there but counting calories is a tried and true method to losing weight. 

One sure-fire way to know exactly what you’re consuming is by cooking your own food. Not only do you see every ingredient put into the meal but it's much more affordable than dining out. Don’t know how to cook or want to learn some healthy tips? Try one of these deliciously fun cooking classes in Chicago to make dieting more enjoyable:

Girl's night! Ryan here personally coaching these ladies on cooking techniques.

Centered Chef. The man behind Centered Chef is self-proclaimed, “Ambassador of Wellness” and recently crowned Weight Watchers Chef, Ryan Hutmacher. After facing the reality that he was living incredibly unhealthy— pre-diabetic, overweight, 50% body fat and a smoker— Ryan enlisted in culinary school, which took him to France where he gained bountiful cooking experience.  More than anything Ryan's passion is to educate, entertain and inspire wellness.  He and his professional team offer everything from meal consulting, cooking classes, team building meetings to even catered weddings. There’s something comforting in knowing that the owner has overcome his own health related obstacles. 

The Wooden Spoon. This little gem is a stark contrast from the sleekness of Centered Chef as it bears a cozier ambiance. The warm lighting coupled with the rustic d├ęcor invites you to gather around the table while one of their professional chefs extend their knowledge on tasty dishes. Their classes change monthly to keep you entertained and current on seasonal produce. With an assortment of kitchenware you’re guaranteed to find any gadgets you might need to prepare that new dish at home.

Eat Fit Chicago. For those looking to save time, forgo cooking altogether and let Eat Fit Chicago create healthy dishes delivered right to your door. Want the ultimate experience? Their chefs will consult with you about your fitness goals and food preferences before preparing decadent dishes made all within your own kitchen. Whatever the occasion all you have to do is enjoy; Eat Fit chefs provide the food and utensils and even have the clean up covered.

- Samantha Kirkpatrick 
Lifestyle and Fitness Blogger 

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