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We've Been Busy!

Thursday, March 13, 2014 Sophie Magdalena

Hey there Halfstackers!  Don't think we've forgotten about all of you!  And we certainly haven't forgotten about our Halfstack Anniversary Giveaway or the fact that we owe you all some amazing treats and freebies!  

It's been hectic around here....  In less than a week our Spring Issue goes live and the team here has been feverishly working to put together some amazing content for you guys to enjoy.  Our beautiful and fashionably savvy Editor, Teresa Espinoza met up with Sarah Jessica Parker for the launch of her new shoe collection just this past weekend and I have been partying like crazy... errrr I mean professionally repping SXSW.  We have some excellent articles coming up on the blog to share our "out and about" experiences with everyone.  

But back to business...  

This week we have some fabulous freebies to give away!  

An Amoretti's Gift Set, including premium martini mixes and a few bottles of gourmet olive oil.... 

Amoretti's is a collection of unparalleled flavors and offers an array of ingredients for pastries and other menu items including their latest line of martini mixes...  Founded by Mr. Jack Barsoumian; he pulls inspiration for his creations from his organic chemistry and cell molecular biology background to bring you intense knowledge of flavor relationships and profiles.  

Second on our list of giveaways is the Mark Moon Fitness DVD Set....  

The Complete Workout System 4 pack DVD set Volume 1 is the perfect exercise start up package. When combined with DVD set Volume 2 you have a library of workout DVDs that you can easily alternate between for months of workout material. DVD set includes:
STRENGTH™ – Build lean muscle to increase your metabolism and create the perfect physique with this full body workout that is adaptable to both men and women of all ages and fitness levels.
FIT™ – Shed body fat and build core strength while staying in the ultimate fat-burning zone with this exhilarating cardio workout that sculpts the abdominals.
EXTEND™ – Get in tune with your body to feel stress free and relaxed from head to toe with this stretch and recovery session that will increase your flexibility for less chance of injury.
CYCLE™ – Burn calories and change the shape of your body with this energetic workout that will tone the legs and increase cardio fitness using a stationary bike.

SoOoOOoo... After you put in a good workout with Mark Moon, treat yourself to a homecooked, gourmet meal and some premium martinis!  You all know the drill...  Make sure to like our Facebook Page to be eligible to win!  A winner will be chosen tomorrow night so don't delay....
- Sophia Sanchez
Digital Content Director & Editor 

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