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The Doctor Is In... The Hair Doctor That Is...

Monday, March 03, 2014 Sophie Magdalena

I'm sure all of you can relate to what has become a strong hatred of mine for this seemingly endless Winter.  It doesn't seem to matter what part of the country [or world] you are in...  This Winter has seriously GOT TO GO.  

With no end in sight, are you doing everything you can to protect yourself from the bitter cold?  And no, the question isn't if you are bundling up in layers before every excursion you take into the deep, depths of Winter known as the outside.  

I think it is safe to assume we all understand the damaging effects to our baby soft skin the brutality of the cold can cause.  Were you aware, however, of the serious beating our salubrious locks can also take in the dead of Winter?  

It's true.  Just as the harsh dryness in the air can battle your skin until it's cracked and pained, the cold can strip your hair of the natural moisture and oils found within that are essential to keeping your hair healthy.  And, if you wash your hair and use heated tools for styling on the daily, your mane is even more susceptible to breakage and damage.  

Don't be another victim of brittle and broken ends claimed by the destruction of the long and cold Winter months... because the doctor is in the house.  The Hair Doctor that is.... 

EVO is a collection of luxury hair care products who's mission is to create innovative, salon-only products that are simple, luxurious and effective to use.  These necessary tools will help take your frizzy and damaged tresses from drab to fab in just a few uses.  From shampoos, conditioners, styling tools and products for both men and women, EVO has something for every hair need and type.  


Each little bottle of the EVO collection not only comes with an inventive name like Water Killer [dry shampoo], Love Perpetua [shine drops] and Crop Strutters [construction cream]; it is also sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free.  Fancy, scientific terms aside, EVO aims to provide a product that gives professional results while respecting the environment and keeping your hair as healthy as possible without the added worry of what is going onto and into your hair. 

In an effort to give you a more honest review of the brand, I had to put the product to the test.  My personal favorite has quickly become the Love Perpetua Shine Drops.  It is no secret that I put my hair through hell, all on my own; after going through my usual styling process of washing, blow drying, straightening and then curling, I place a small dab of the shine drops on the palm of my hands.  I then work through my hair from root to tip and.. Voila!  My hair is transformed from lackluster to healthy with a shiny glow.  

Editor, Sophia Sanchez, rocking the Love Perpetua Shine Drops

We've all heard that it simply isn't healthy to wash your hair on a daily basis because over exposure to washing can cause dryness and breakage.  Unfortunately for me, I've never had the luxury to wash every few days because my hair produces too much oil from one day to the next.  If you are thinking to yourself that I've somehow been blessed.... Think again.  Aside from having to replace my shampoo and conditioners more frequently than most, the glory to just get up and go is not something I've ever been privy to...  My hair is crazier than a lion's mane.  This is why the Water Killer Dry Shampoo has also become a favorite of mine.  On the mornings when I just don't have the time to go through my usual styling routine, I spray a little of this on, brush through my hair and then pull it back neatly into a sleek and stylish bun.  It immediately absorbs any excess oil that may have accumulated overnight, while leaving my hair smelling delightfully fresh.  

And if an excellent product [that works] without all the additives and is environmentally conscious still isn't enough to impress you, perhaps their commitment to their business model will do the trick: 

- All damaged EVO stock is given to homeless shelters
- All EVO packaging is 100% recyclable
- EVO offsets its carbon footprint by purchasing government accredited carbon offset credits. 
- Wherever possible, EVO uses natural ingredients and will continue to reformulate and substitute synthetics with naturals when an equivalent is available
- EVO is not tested on animals 

And there you have it.  EVO not only maintains an environmentally and socially responsible brand, it also provides a product line that ranges from hair care, facial and body essentials to keep you looking fresh while feeling proud to support a name that is consciously aware of what it puts into our surroundings.  

Take my word for it...  This Winter, while you take drastic steps to keep your manes full of life while the cold continues to suck us all dry... Look to EVO to give you that boost you've long been searching for.  

To shop their complete product line visit  To find a salon near you that carries the EVO collection, click HERE.  And don't forget to like on FACEBOOK

- Sophia Sanchez
Digital Content Director & Editor

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