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Put Your Best Foot Forward: A Text about your Tootsies

Thursday, March 13, 2014 Cheyenne Hendricks

Have you ever wondered why people use the phrase,” Put your best foot forward”? I mean, our feet do carry us to either success or failure, so it makes sense, but from where did it originate? I have to admit that I am grossly undereducated on the subject, or at least, I was. I’ve had the pleasure of reading Eric La Price’s charming coffee table book “Best Foot Forward” and I’ve learned about information of which I hadn’t ever thought to be curious. 

After reading the surprisingly enthralling tell-all book about not only the phrase, but the literal meaning, I can proudly say I understand the history and evolution of foot wear with a clarity I could have never imagined. One wouldn’t expect a coffee table book to be quite so interesting, but once I picked it up, I couldn’t stop leafing through the pages to learn more fascinating facts and see the beautiful photography. 

Astonished by all of the cool meanings and historical relevance behind the designs of foot accessories such as shoes, jewlery, nail polish, and even tattoos, the thought of why high heels are so popular amongst women but not men never actually crossed my mind. 

Eric La Price would like to see this book in coffee shops, nail salons, shoe boutiques, and of course, pediatrists’ offices! Let’s be honest. Aren’t we all tired of the same, out dated magazines laying around every waiting room? I would love to go into a waiting room, sit down, and read through something that is so captivating, I forget I’m waiting for something! Wouldn’t you?

Something else I loved about the book- or actually, about its author- was his imaginative use of the English language. These days it is rare to find a book that features such an expansive vocabulary, expressive descriptions, and skillfully applied grammar! These are the traits I hold most dear when reading anything, and I was overjoyed to see them in “Best Foot Forward”. My house guests have already showered me with compliments about how “interesting” and “eye opening” it is. This book is perfect for a relaxing distraction from a dull waiting room or even just a nice pairing with a hot cup of coffee. If you would like to see a whole new perspective on foot apparel and learn about the truly fascinating history of its evolution, check this book out now and buy it HERE!

Cheyenne Hendricks
Lifestyle Blogger

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