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Sunday, March 23, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Recently, Halfstack Magazine had the opportunity to tour PIRCH in Oakbrook Center before their grand opening. PIRCH is a beautifully set and inspiring retail format ready to make your home dreams come true.  The Halfstack team was also fortunate to get some one-on-one time to speak with CEO Jeffery Sears.  What is PIRCH?  It is basically a high-end appliance and plumbing store.  What sets this store apart from other big box retailers?  It’s the presentation of these products, in a way that is inspirational.  How do they do they do this?  Straight from their press release,  “By showcasing carefully curated best of class brands for indoor and outdoor kitchens, the laundry room and bath, making them the one stop shop where guests can focus on what they want do, rather than what they need to buy.”  With PIRCH, everything is about the experience you have once you step foot into their showroom.

This experience starts with an offering by the Bliss CafĂ© baristas for one of their signature and complimentary beverages.  Why is this so unique?  The main tenant which, PIRCH follows is that of hospitality and kindness.  The need to ensure that you are not alienated, from the moment you walk in to the store and their want to inspire your entire experience is one of the main things, which is promoted.  That small offer of hospitality once you enter the beautiful space, tears down any walls of pretentiousness or elitism you may have pre judged that you may receive from their employees, and resets your perception into an experience to be comfortably be immersed into.  The goal of which is to truly inspire you to enjoy the moment right then and there and to do so with none of the stresses associated with say, going into your local IKEA.  Everything is thoughtfully laid out, from bathrooms, to kitchens to the display for the washers and dryers, to the beautiful presentation of each of the kitchen and bath faucets, PIRCH has successfully changed the way to look at these regularly used and mundane items into a moment in time to be inspired and turn the want of something into a need.  Yes they emotionally bring you into their space because the truth is, each moment, which we experience, each memory is looked at as something that a dollar amount cannot be put to. 

What else makes PIRCH so different? There is an opportunity to learn hands on how to cook!  On their events page there are several events like Fresh Market Thursday, as well as Cinema Sunday, where the PIRCH culinary team gathers fresh produce and meats for you and teaches you how to create a dish from those specific ingredients.   The classes are limited to 12 attendees, so RSVP early to ensure you get a spot no worries about paying for this, as this is a complimentary service they provide to you!

There is nothing like PIRCH right now, so if you have some time, take a moment and head over to Oakbrook Center and prepare yourself to be inspired, to savor, adorn, discover thrive gather and be joyful.  It is definitely worth the time experience.

- Dwight Bejec
Social Media Director & Editor

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