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Marie Claire at Anne Taylor - Own The Room Event

Thursday, March 13, 2014 Sophie Magdalena

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but fashion can be an important key to success.  On Thursday, February 27thMarie Claire partnered up with Ann Taylor at their 600 N Michigan Ave location for an Own The Room event.  

This career-focused event featured a fashion presentation lead by Marie Claire Features Director, Lea GoldmanPersonal Finance and Career Expert, Farnoosh Torabi, and Marie Claire Merchandising Editor, Madison Shoop.  The presentation included advice for work place appropriate fashion, seasonal trends, as well as beauty secrets.

Goldman shared tips and tricks for how to dress for success in the work place.   “A great pair of heels can get your foot in the door,” she expressed.   “Our studies show that taller people tend to make more money and are viewed more favorably.”  A few other dos and don’ts for dressing for the office:

DO have clean, polished nails.  DON’T don nail art.
DO dress comfortably.  DON’T wear blue jeans.
DO wear flats for your commute.  DON’T wear them in the office. 

Guests enjoyed makeup consultations and touchups with Trish McEvoy cosmetics, as well as the opportunity to have professional headshots taken with their completed look.  Appetizers and champagne were served by Beyond Events Catering, while guests shopped new trends and sale items with the gift of an additional 10% off for the evening. 

More than 60 people were in attendance, a perfect turnout for the quaint shop.  It was a great evening for networking and mingling with like-minded women, while doing what we all love to do most, shopping! 

Marie Claire Merchandising Editor, Madison Shoop talks about the importance of layers for dressing for success this season.

Photos by Halfstack Photographer: Perry Fish

- Perry Fish
Lifestyle and Events Blogger 

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