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Crossfit 630 and Maximized Living Makeover

Friday, March 21, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to attend the Maximized Living Makeover - Resolve, The Last Resolution You Will Ever Make, held at Crossfit 630 located behind Naperville North High school in Naperville, with presentation from Dr. Matthew Milonas, Owner of Milonas Family Chiropractic.

What is Maximized Living? It is a holistic approach to Health Care and not medical or wellness-based disease care. They have 5 essentials of maximized living and believe that if you follow these essentials, you will become a healthy person, if you're currently sick, or will stay healthy without worry of becoming sick. 

Here are the 5 essentials: 
Essential 1: Maximized Mind - Stress management, and ensuring you're getting enough sleep.  

Essential 2:  Maximized Nerve Supply - Nerve supply is the life supply to all cells, organs, and systems in the body and so is responsible for all function and healing. So ensure you have proper spinal alignment.  

Essential 3:  Maximized Quality Nutrition - Food is the fuel your body uses to work, stay away from processed foods.  

Essential 4: Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle - Exercise and don't sit on your ass.

Essential 5: Minimized Toxins - Try to minimize your exposure to daily toxins, utilize a quality detoxification program to help minimize this risk.

These essentials are carried out by 1000's of doctors within this network nationwide and have garnered the attention of the US Weightlifting Association as well as the US Wrestling as both organizations have partnered up with Maximized Living to provide chiropractic services to weightlifting athletes at domestic and international events.

What made this event different than others that I have attended in the past? It was an education on what really creates weight loss in the human body.  We are all on a journey to, "reduce" or diet to lower our weight, we just don't know the healthy way to do this. In the seminar we learned that the real key to weight loss is hormones.  We went over the specifics of what the Paleo Diet really is, as well as going over how to detoxify the body through detoxification programs which detoxify you at the cellular level.  The main thing I took from this is set yourself up for success by ensuring you have a program in place to help you loose the weight and keep the weight off. Ensure you have a support system in place to help you when you do fall off the healthy wagon, as well as be sure to have steps in place to put you back into the right mind set to get you rolling towards the positive healthy lifestyle. One more thing, stay away from processed foods and exercise.

The vendors who were on hand included Wallace Farms, providers of grass fed beef in the area (They are actually based in Iowa, however, they do have a warehouse here in Naperville where you can purchase grassfed beef as well as free range whole chickens, and nitrate free bacon).  Cleanse Culture a local company based in Des Plaines who provided samples of their Minty Cucumber Melon Cooler which was super tasty! What makes them cool is they make the whole juicing process simple.  Go to their website, choose a suitable cleans and order.  They take the guesswork out of juicing and make it easy to do.  Showing us the latest in workout gear was lululemon athletica, and on hand to show us the latest in shoes was RoadRunner Sports.There was also a new restaurant on hand Fire It Up TacoFusion grill, showing us that they use Homemade sauces and dressings, organic produce grassfed meats, and local craft beers.  They're out by the Fox Valley Mall, so if you have a moment stop by and let us know what you think!

If you’re researching Crossfit, or find yourself intimidated by all of the youtube videos online, please don’t be!  At Crossfit 630 you will find an atmosphere that is very laid back, yet supportive.  The workouts are catered to ramp you up into getting physically fit, as opposed to demanding that you come in and lift heavy weights without being educated on the movements with the weights.  Everything is scaled and there is a personal touch as the coaches take their time to ensure that everyone in the class is using the proper weight for their skill level and technique throughout the workout of the day (WOD).  Here’s something special until the end of the month of March, $99 On Ramp, see what the hype is about and see if it is a good fit for you!

One more thing, we will be holding an upcoming health expo in May at Crossfit 630, you can read the updated details on the FB Event page!

Dwight Bejec  

Director of Social Media

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