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Valentine's for the Digital Revolution

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 Cheyenne Hendricks

With Valentine’s Day being only three days away, everyone is hustling to find the perfect heart felt mementos to express their love! Candy, flowers, and teddy bears are wildly popular, but it’s crucial you find the right item to signify that specific message to your loved one. I find that the most cherished gift, on any significant occasion like this, is a hand written letter or carefully chosen card. 

Many people struggle with articulating their emotions; hence cards are the best way to find the exact words which best describe any sentiments you wish to bestow. Although, to find a card like that is quite a journey in itself. One must pilfer through mountains of cheap, generic cards and even then, there’s no guarantee you’ll find one that has any meaning. With a simple visit to Paperless Post, you’ll find precisely what you want without all of the hassle. 

Paperless Post is a digital service which provides a lovely assortment of cards available for custom design and delivery. With the help of this enchanting site, you can schedule to send a personalized card to anyone around the globe on Valentine’s morning! This courtesy eliminates the stress of having to wake up early to send it or worse- forgetting to send it at all!

Not only does Paperless Post contribute to saving the world by not using paper, they offer a special collection of food centric cards for that delicious foodie in your life. Nowhere else will you be able to find charming cards that are specifically fashioned for food lovers. Each card has an adorable illustration and caption; plus you can add your own personal message inside! 

Give yourself a Valentine by relinquishing the worry about finding the perfect card in time. With an easy to use navigator, Paperless Post enables you to find what you need in no time. Order your card now, and enjoy the comfort of knowing your beloved will receive your card on time! 

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Cheyenne Hendricks
Lifestyle Blogger

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