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Wednesday, February 05, 2014 Kenny Muzzey

As we stared into each other’s eyes, the city lights twinkled bright behind. Everything seemed right. As it was such a beautiful night. We held hands tight. Oh, it was quite a delight. Although the sky was light there were no stars to be seen this night, except the two that twinkled brightly right in my sight. 

To believe I had once written something so poetic inspired by a photograph I had taken....

The photo had been a sincere moment in time, not necessarily staged. Having had a vague idea in my mind for a while of what I had wanted to shoot I was waiting for someone to work with. I wanted the photo to tell a story, as well as, there be a backstory behind it. A story that, I, myself, know as well as those who had been present for it. That story shall forever go untold.

However, I offer you a different story. A story that is not a story at all, more of a feeling, or perhaps a thought, call it what you will. In exactly nine days Valentine’s Day will be upon us like the endless white cloak that has turned the Midwest into a wintery wasteland. Valentine’s Day, or Single’s Awareness Day, as some have dubbed it, a day where one is supposed to ‘show’ appreciation or ‘love’ for their significant other. You know, something that, I am sure most people in a healthy, functioning relationship, need a specific day designated to do so.

Pink and red hearts, bedazzled cards, sappy songs, flowers, and, of course, candies with creamy ‘rich cliché centers’ have become a staple of this ‘holiday.’ I can be exceptionally jaded when it comes to the topics of love, romance, dating, and related; but, it is not these concepts I have a problem with. What troubles me is that someone, somewhere, felt we needed to designate a specific day, a ‘holiday,’ or non-holiday, if you will, for individuals to show love and appreciation to their significant other. Call me old fashioned, but is that not something that should be done regardless within the confines of a loving, caring relationship?

When put in perspective, assigning a day to such a routine, makes one think that instead of something that we should do of our own accord, it is more of a chore…. You know? Like laundry day. If a couple needs an annually designated day to show how much they appreciate one another, perhaps they should reevaluate their relationship as a whole. On the contrary it is fun to get wrapped up in the spirit of giving, romance, and present feelings of love. But these are concepts and feelings that should be expressed more often than annually and with spontaneity as to keep that romantic spark burning within the confines of a healthy, romantic relationship.  On another note, this is something we should do for not just our significant others. We should show our friends, family, coworkers, and whoever else you wish, that we appreciate them, because these are people we need in our lives. They define us as we define them, because ‘no man is an island.’

So, hey, if you have not seen my previous article about my friend, and artist, Lindsey Wiseman, please check it out. As this Saturday February eight she will be having her first solo showcasing of her art titled
In Hindsight: Varied Perceptions of Reality. The event taking place from six pm until ten pm will be held at Side Street Studio Arts located at
5 Ziegler Ct, Eglin, IL, 60120. In addition to her art there will be live music too. On behalf of HalfStack, and myself, please support Lindsey and her work. Thank you in advance.

Sincerely, your Anti-Cupid,

~Kenny Muzzey~
Halfstack Blogger & Photographer

Image provided are owned and copyrighted by Side Street Studio Arts.

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