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Stikeleather: The Evolution of Menswear

Monday, February 10, 2014 Sophie Magdalena

Fashion is no longer a love just among the female population.  Just like women, men want to look and feel their best; after all, first impressions are everything.  And what better way to make a grand impression than by dressing to impress?!  

Whether you are going on a first date, interviewing for your dream job, going to the grocery store or simply need to spruce up your day to evening attire, all you classy gents can now look dapper at every turn with Stikeleather; a fresh and innovative take on fashion.  

Stikeleather brings men a creative and individualistic take on the world of fashion with patented magnetic closure technology that replaces buttons and zippers.  Stikeleather allows for reversible cuffs, collars, and ties that can be mixed and matched, creating a truly customized look every time you walk out the door.  

Founder & Designer, Ian Stikeleather, sat down with Halfstack to bring you exclusive details on his fabulous L.A. based brand....  

Halfstack Magazine (HM):  Tell me a little bit about yourself and your background. 

Ian Stikeleather (IS):  I am from Indianapolis, Indiana and hold two bachelor's degrees in fashion design and entrepreneurship.  My family has a background in construction, and prior to working in fashion I worked in residential housing construction which has helped bring a fresh perspective to clothing as far as new materials and new techniques.

HM:  Can you tell me a little bit about Stikeleather? 

IS:  Stikeleather is a menswear clothing company.  Our first collection features shirts and neckties with a magnetic closure that replaces buttons and zippers.  And some of our garments feature removable and reversible collars and cuffs. 

HM:  Where did the idea for Stikeleather come from? 

IS:  I am always experimenting with new materials and techniques, and this is a very natural evolution for the idea of a closure.  

HM:  Stikeleather seems to be a unique concept.  How has the reception from the public been?  

IS:  People love it.  We had a holiday party to close out 2013 and we invited a very select group of bloggers, media and friends and the reception was over the moon.  We have a massive chalkboard wall in our showroom and so we invited people to share their feelings about the line.  We were inundated with love, so it became obvious to us that we need to make these products immediately available on our website which has been our main goal since.  

HM:  Where do you pull design inspiration from?  Do you have favorite designers that help drive your design aesthetic?  

IS:  I pull a lot of inspiration from the world of utility.  From tactical military, to hunting, to activewear.  I work from the idea that clothing should augment our natural abilities, making it easier to interact with and manipulate our environment.  As far as favorite designers, I love the casual sexiness of Tom Ford, the bleeding edge of streetwear Skingraft, and the dressy sportiness of Zanerobe.

HM:  Are you the sole Founder/Designer for Stikeleather? 

IS:  I am the sole Founder of Stikeleather and still maintain a controlling interest in the company.  My team however, is responsible for helping me in all aspects of the business, and without them, and Lorry Plasterer in particular, I would be quite lost.  

HM:  How long have you been in business? 

IS:  I have been working on this concept for over 3 years, with Stikeleather as it currently exists having been around for about a year now.

HM:  What do you hope for the future of Stikeleather?  What can the public expect to see from a design perspective? 

IS:  I want to use the magnetic closure on many different garments from coats to dresses to scarves and let everyone see its benefits.  

HM:  Who is your target demographic?

IS:  He is a young creative guy whose life is too crazy to be running home and changing between work and play and family and friends and hobbies.  He understands the immediate subconscious power of image and uses it to his advantage in every situation.  This gives him an edge in the very competitive environment we often find ourselves.  

HM:  Where can people purchase your designs? 

IS:  At Stikeleather we are obsessed with quality, this is why we manufacture in Downtown Los Angeles and we keep our production runs small, and source the best fabrics from around the world.  This is why we are just now launching our ecommerce business to make these garments available on a wide scale. relaunches in a few days and our garments will be available to everyone at that point.   

And there you have it gentleman!  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to update your wardrobes to ensure you look sexy for that special night!  And if for no other reason, shop Stikeleather and get on board with the evolution of men's fashion! 

Twitter:  @StikeleatherLA
IG:  @StikeleatherLA

- Sophia Sanchez
Director of Digital Content & Editor 

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