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Non-Traditional, Creative Gifts to Get for Your "Other" This Valentines!

Monday, February 10, 2014 Stella Quimby

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I know are dreading the same, old and tired gifts from years past:  flowers and candy!  Why not change it up a bit this year and give a gift that is different and personalized towards the special person in your life?  

Well your friends at Halfstack have come up with a fun and creative list for those "different and unique" significant others!  

The Traveler: ROWENTA First Class Travel Iron

Does your better half love to travel, but hates the wrinkled look?!  This gift is perfect.  It's small (can fit into any large purse, shoulder bag or size suitcase), is stainless steel for a chic look, has a soleplate (that allows for precision tip that presses into hard-to-reach areas) and comes with a travel pouch to keep your handy iron in perfect condition.  This is something that will actually get used.  Purchase this fab item by visiting HERE!

The Rowenta Travel Iron
The Health Nut: PINES Wheat Grass Powder

Does your spouse live inside of the gym?  Are they all about healthy food?  Don't insult them by giving them chocolates again this year and give them something they'll appreciate.  PINES Wheat Grass is richer in chlorophyll and iron than it is in spinach.  Its protein level averages 25% and it contains virtually every known vitamin.  They'll know exactly how much you love them after they realize how much better they feel by taking this.  Best of all, it is NON-GMO verified and gluten-free.  Shop now HERE!

Pines Wheat Grass Powder

The Natural DivaSAVANNAH BEE Beeswax Lip Gloss

Does your beautiful lady love nature while enjoying looking her best?  If so, why not give her both?  Savannah Bee Beeswax Lip Gloss offers that! The lip gloss not only comes in fab colors ( I personally love mint blossom), they also taste great and are made with ALL NATURAL Products, are kosher and gluten free! Plus the beeswax in the lip gloss pulls moisture from the air and feeds the lip making her lips extra pretty; total win-win situation here! Get them here. 

Savannah Bee Beeswax Lip Gloss
The Jokester: Cards Against Humanity

Your significant other loves to laugh, so why not give them a gift that they'll absolutely adore and want to use like all the time? Cards against Humanity is a fun card game that isn't exactly rated G; hint adults only! This game will keep everyone laughing for hours and if you choose not to buy it from the website, you can print it off for FREE (for all you cheapstakes out there). Check it out here.

Photo from Wikipedia

The Drinker: My MICHELLE Sparkling Wines

If your partner enjoys indulging in wine and spirits (mine definitely does), give them a wine that speaks class and is extra yummy!  My Michelle Sparkling Wines have an amazing aroma and flavors that include apples and berries and the bottles even look glamorous! They come in 3 flavors that include Brut, Brut Rose and Extra Dry. Get them here.

My Michelle Brut Rose

So hope these out-of-the-ordinary Valentines Day gifts make that day extra special!! Why flowers and chocolates when you can give them something that is clearly made for them?

- Stella Quimby
Lifestyle Blogger & Editor 

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