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Halfstack Anniversary Giveaway!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014 Sophie Magdalena

Can you believe Halfstack Magazine is fastly approaching its 2 year anniversary?!  

Just 2 short years ago, 3 imaginative best friends embarked on a journey to pursue a dream that celebrated and encompassed their love for the city of Chicago.  Jennifer Veguilla, Kate Roth and Mariana Quaranta set out to bring Chicago something unique; something that not only honored everything this beautiful city had to offer, but provided the endless supply of creative talent a means to showcase all of their hard work.  

From musicians, artists, designers, chefs and everyone in between, very quickly Halfstack Magazine has become a recognized publication that not only celebrates the talent within Chicago, but within cities all over this country.  

This journey has certainly been a whirlwind.  One filled with a mixture of highs and lows, where patience has been tested and milestones have been reached. There have been so many moments of happiness and excitement mixed with anxiety and stress, but one thing has surely remained...  

The team behind Halfstack is not only a tight knit group of friends, but a very close family.  And this family, owes all of its success to you, our faithful followers and continued readers.  Whom without, we simply wouldn't be driven to work as hard as we do.  

March 17th, 2014, with the release of our Spring issue, marks our official 2 year anniversary.  We celebrate 2 years of hard work, great content, incredible talents and all of the amazing people and fans whom have helped to make all of our dreams a success.  Having recently hit 1000 followers on Facebook, we have even more reason to celebrate. 

And to say thanks to all of you for your continued support, Halfstack Magazine has joined forces with Rustic RummageFatdog Mustard, Groove & Stitch, van der Hagen, Himalayan Restaurant, Amoretti's, Southport Grocery & Cafe, and Mark Moon Fitness to giveaway a gift each week.  Each Friday beginning February 7th through March 14th, one lucky fan on our Facebook page will be chosen.

A fan chosen at random, this is just our way of saying thanks to you for everything you've helped us accomplish.  2 years in the making, our journey has only just begun and with so much left to share, we hope to have your continued support as we continue to grow.... 

Much love from the entire team at Halfstack

- Sophia Sanchez
Digital Content Director & Editor

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