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February Letter from the Editor

Tuesday, February 04, 2014 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

February has arrived much more quickly than I anticipated readers. It feels as if I blinked and January passed right before my eyes. We have a lot planned for this month. It is the month of love as well as a month dedicated to Black History. All of us at Halfstack are knee deep in production for our upcoming spring issue, but we are also planning some wonderful highlights for this blog.

As I mentioned in my January note to all of you, the Spring Anniversary issue theme is "Equality" - equality in marriage, sexual preference, gender roles, race, religion and cultural background. It is only fitting that we mention this in February as we are reminded of the Civil Rights Movement and how history often repeats itself when it comes to ideas that are not widely accepted. It is interesting to see how our society is constantly in flux and it is even more amazing to see it make leaps and bounds in accepting those that are different or have different beliefs. 

I am not going to deny the fact that we still have a long way to go, but I am hoping to maintain an optimistic outlook. As a minority (I'm a mexican/puerto rican american woman), it can be so easy for me to fall victim to anger and outrage at the changes I don't see, but today I'd rather look on the bright side and feel proud of the changes I have seen. I honestly believe that if you change your thoughts, you can change the world.

The pieces you will see throughout this month will revolve around this idea as well as the beauty of love. Valentine's Day doesn't only have to be a time you enjoy with a significant other, but perhaps friends and family as well. We have some great material to share with you all ranging from DIYs, gift ideas and local showcases such as our visit with Southport Grocer. We also have an AMAZING giveaway planned beginning this week that leads up to our 2 year anniversary. This is a huge giveaway that we hope acts as a thank you for your continued support. We were able to work with some fun brands and gain access to some amazing prizes for all of you. 

 I hope this month's repertoire inspires you all and encourages you to think beyond what you know and understand. I look forward to your comments and thoughts! Don't ever be too shy to  send your ideas, questions and opinions to me at: 

Jen Lezan

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