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FATDOG Mustard is "Mayhem for Your Mouth!"

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 Sophie Magdalena

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well! And not only in Chicago!  Ever heard of FATDOG Mustard?!  This Portland, Oregon-based small business takes an American favorite and kicks it up a notch in an ingredient that packs a powerful punch.  Plochman’s and French’s better take a seat, because FATDOG Mustard is kicking ass all over the place.  

An old family creation, this top secret recipe, was gifted to the couple and Founder’s of FATDOG, Jason and Mandie Sohn, on their wedding day.  What was once used to bribe Jason into attending family events, has now become a successful business partnership between the two.  And being the hardcore journalists we are at Halfstack Magazine, we just had to ask the hard question.  “Why did you decide to exploit your family recipe for your own gain?”  

The jokester that he is, Jason humorously replied, “I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”  He then went on to explain that he had made some of the mustard and took it to work one day.  His coworkers were so impressed, they soon began asking for more and even offered to pay him.  A light went off in the couple’s heads; if Jason’s coworkers were willing to pay for it, maybe others would be to.  Thus FATDOG Mustard was born and Jason’s family could not be any happier for the couple.

Read on, to find out how to win! 

100% gluten-free, the brand offers up two very unique and delicious flavors.  Original and Jalapeno.  The tagline for this business, embracing the essence of the two very different, yet incredible flavors, says it all…  FATDOG Mustard is “Mayhem for Your Mouth!”  Hot, but not too hot, this pleasurable spread starts off sweet and ends with a delightful horseradish and peppery kick that is sure to clear up any stuffy nose.  

While FATDOG gives your hamburgers and hot dogs an incredible boost, this mustard is not just a condiment. Mandie, helps explain why.  “Mustard is very under-viewed as an ingredient.  People seem to think that all you can do with it is to put it on something.  Use it as a marinade, a baster, salad dressing, or in your deviled eggs recipe, the flavor profile of the mustard really enhances the flavor of your food.”  With all the spices you need already in one neat, little packaged jar, throw it on your steaks, burgers and veggies before you cook up your feast and watch as your taste buds dance their way into euphoria.  

And if euphoric mustard is not enough to satiate your mouthwatering palates, try one of their four delicious flavors of FATCAT Pretzels, a family recipe of Mandie’s.  From Spicy, Garlic, Wasabe and Cinnamon Toast, there’s a flavor to satisfy your every whim.  

FATDOG Mustard, FATCAT Pretzels… Where did these unique names originate?

“Our Chocolate Lab, Skater, got fat and we used to call him fatboy or fatdog.  It just felt natural.”  

May his sweet, little soul rest in peace; Skater passed away in 2013 however has become the iconic mascot, his face branded on the logo.  Mandie then explained that FATCAT was named after their precious feline, Mordecai, their 15 year old, 16 front-toed cat.  But have no fear, these animal crazed, business owners are knee deep in product development to create a product for their 3 year old, French Mastiff, Shifty, who is patiently awaiting a brand of this own!  

Started in 2010, Jason and Mandie handle the bulk of the business themselves.  Sourcing locally for the peppers that go into making their products along with cooking up as much of the product themselves [in their commercial kitchen of course], these business moguls have managed to keep their business small while profiting enough to help feed Jason’s affinity for motorcycles….  Sold primarily in farmer’s markets and retailers all over Oregon, you can shop for your very own HERE.  With new flavors in the works and expansions inevitable, don’t be surprised if FATDOG Mustard and FATCAT Pretzels soon make their way into a local retailer near you!  Don’t waste anymore time and give your tongue an elated treat…..  

“I hope you like our mustard because if we sell enough of it, I get to buy another motorcycle.” - Jason

“Probably not.” - Mandie

And, in continued celebration of Halfstack Magazine's upcoming two year anniversary, Jason and Mandie have graciously decided to take part in our Halfstack Anniversary Giveaway, to giveaway some yummy FATDOG Mustard treats. One lucky winner will be picked randomly this Friday night on February 28th, so make sure that you've like our FACEBOOK page to be eligible to win! Thanks to all of our readers for your continued support and thank you to Jason and Mandie!

To learn more about FATDOG Mustard and for recipes and helpful tips, visit

- Sophia Sanchez
Digital Content Director & Editor

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