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Beckett Simonon: 'Against the Establishment Cleverness'

Friday, February 14, 2014 Sophie Magdalena

Style without the high price point? Absolutely! Thanks to Beckett Simonon, a leading online retailer of affordable men’s footwear, it’s possible. Designers and co-owners, Nicholas Hurtado and Andres Ninos, created Beckett Simonon after noticing the high-markups on their original designs through national retailers, pricing them at triple the original cost.

Colombian descent, Hurtado and Ninos have been described as innovative designers that believe in the simplicity of looking dapper without emptying your wallets.

“Finally, a company the believes even starving artists deserve nice footwear” –Details Magazine

From slippers to suede and European influences, Beckett Simonon offers stylish designs including monk straps, oxfords, longwings and chukka boots. This year their “It” item for Spring/Summer are the classic Slippers. They’re a dressier alternative made of lighter and comfortable materials such as suede and nubuck.

One of the trends currently active across the pond on the Italian peninsula, is the artful combination of going sock-less and rolling the hems of your chinos and denim. It’s a chic trend that can add value to your outfit. Both designers agree that with spring right around the corner, American men should get on board and rock the trend.

What about the name? In a recent interview with Men’s Journal, Nicholas states they chose the name as a tribute to the Irish playwright Samuel Beckett and the English bassist for The Clash, Paul Simonon. Both men embody an ‘against the establishment cleverness’ in which both designers emulate.

At Beckett Simonon, they believe in the value of designing high-quality while charging fair prices and offering great service. With a successful business, their next big project would include designing sneakers.

If you’re still questioning whether or not to purchase a pair (or two!), well know this, ALL Beckett Simonon designs have a 1-year warranty. That’s right, they’re so confident on their design and built that if for any reason they are not up to your taste, simply return them for your full refund! Also, remember there’s no middlemen prices. In other words the shoes are directly shipped from their warehouse to your house! Take a look at some of their most popular designs below:



Cohen Loafer 

Chukka Boot 

Caine Oxford 

- Regulo Alvarado
Menswear Fashion Blogger 

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