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Another Watch to Add to Your Collection

Saturday, February 22, 2014 Samantha Kirkpatrick

You might have noticed pictures popping up on your social media outlets of this egg-shaped digital watch, displaying an assortment of numbers other than the time.  Polar watches have been around for over 30 years (as a child, I remember my dad’s intricate version with what seemed like dozens of buttons).  However, with the booming consciousness of fitness, Polar is becoming increasingly popular among a younger generation of gym-goers.

I happen to be one of those fitness-crazed girls bombarding your Instagram feed with pictures of my watch. With the help of my Polar FT40 I'm tracking my journey to a stronger bikini-ready body by summer. 

WHAT IS THE FT40? It’s a cross-training fitness watch that calculates calories burned during timed exertion. This particular version comes with Smart Coaching Features, consisting of: fitness tests, training history and tools to build your personalized workout - all of which sync with your watch to the web. 

  • BPM Target Zone The watch displays your BPM (beats per minute) allowing you to set a target zone. 
  • Heart Rate Max Input your max heart rate, which you can easily discover by completing a series of sprints. If your heart rate reaches 170 before you collapse, that's your maximum.
  • Polar Energy Pointer— A display of whether the main effect of your workout is fat burning or fitness improvement. This is determined by imputing your age, height, weight and gender (before your first use) and your minimum and maximum heart rate. The watch does the math for you.
  • Polar Fitness Test— Aerobic fitness test that takes just five minutes of lying down, tells you your resting heart rate. 
  • Polar Own Code Modern technology that allows your watch and heart rate monitor to transmit back and forth without risk of interference. 
  • Polar Own Cal Display of calories burned also known as my favorite part of the watch.

In that moment when your motivation begins it’s decline, the watch is right there telling you that you’re only 30 more calories away from reaching your goal of burning 300.  It’s like having a little coach at your side, encouraging you to keep going for just 20…40…100 more calories.  Imagine how accomplished you'll feel after your workout when you’ve exceeded your goals for the day, all on your own.

For those who motivation is plentiful but struggle with their diet; this watch provides a catalogue of how many calories you burned throughout the day, week and month. There’s no guessing if you’ve burned enough to indulge later.

In the past few years, the number of fitness trackers has surged.  There are dozens of gadgets designed for various athletic purposes. If tracking your calories is your priority then invest in a device, like the Polar FT40.

What’s most important when shopping for your watch is to find one that fits your lifestyle.  There are some with a huge database to log your caloric intake, calories burned and even your steps. And there are some models that only tell you very little yet precise information. When looking to improve your physical performance, invest in a device you know you will honestly put the energy into.


Sometimes we just need a little proof that our efforts are in fact, making a difference. Eventually, our loose fitting clothes will be evidence to our progress but in the mean time, especially in the beginning of our fitness journey, it’s comforting to see how much we’re actually exerting in the gym.  A fitness tracker is a perfect solution to keeping us on track of our fitness goals. 

- Samantha Kirkpatrick
Lifestyle Blogger 

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