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Up, Close & Personal with Chicago Fashionista, Lauren Sebastian

Friday, January 31, 2014 Sophie Magdalena

"I hope to continue to gain credibility as a fashion writer, expert and stylist.  In this world, I truly feel that the sky is the limit.  I also hope to accumulate a closet that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous!"  

There was a time not too long ago when the term Blogger was foreign to most everyone.  The idea that you could work from home and make a living from typing away at your computer about the things that interested you was an absurdity; a long shot simply not within reach.  

Today however, bloggers seem to be everywhere.  From food, fitness, lifestyle and fashion, there is a blogger out there that covers any topic you can think of.  And in an industry that seems to be flooded with talent, how can anyone possibly make themselves known?!  

Lauren Sebastian sat down with Halfstack Magazine to talk fashion and blogging!  A local, Chicago gal and the fashionista behind, Lauren opens up about how she found success as a fashion blogger after leaving her day job as a business professional. 

A lover of fashion and Pinot Grigio [not necessarily in that order], Lauren graduated college and with no prior experience in the fashion industry, worked her way to representing some major clothing lines.  And although she loved working in fashion, she'd encountered one too many Devil Wears Prada flashbacks on the business end of things and decided for herself that there simply had to be another way.  A passion for writing coinciding with her love for fashion, Lauren launched her fashion blog, Big Blonde Hair.

Lauren Sebastian 

Big Blonde Hair is a fashion blog that not only focuses on Lauren's personal style, one which she takes great pride in, but also covers Reality Television Stars, the clothing they wear and where you can buy those same items or similar looks for less.

Lisa Vanderpump

Despite the idea that everyone wants to be a blogger and be able to support themselves through this endeavor, it's no easy feat.  So how did Lauren do it?! 

"Back when blogging was first becoming popular, I read about a woman who was making a living off of her blog and I thought that was totally unexpected and exciting!  What she accomplished was always in the back of my head and as blogging became more mainstream, it was easier to figure out how to make a living doing it."

Lauren went on to stress the importance of the amount of hard work she dedicated to making her new endeavor work, while choosing the right angle for her blog.  People needed to be able to relate, to take an interest in what she had to say and if she wanted this to be her career, her blog angle needed to be not just a good one, but a great one.  

Combining the Reality TV craze with fashion ended up being her perfect formula.  

"I was in my late 20's when the blog was launching and was cringing about approaching 30 (which I now smile at).  I loved that most of the women on the Real Housewives franchise were 30+, some with kids and still totally hot!  It gave me hope!  And as crazy as the drama can sometimes get on these shows, it gives women a good lesson to not be afraid to look stylish and experiment with fashion if it makes them feel good.  It shows that there is no written rule for what mom's and mature women should look like."  

Joyce Giroud

That being said, Lauren let us pick her brain to give you her expert advice on all things fashion! 

Brandi Glanville

Halfstack Magazine (HM):  Do you have a specific fashion era or favorite aesthetic that drives your passion for fashion?  

Lauren Sebastian (LS):  I can find aspects of every era that I love, but something about 1970’s fashion totally gets me. I love the high waist and flare denim, the draped-deep v blouses, the metallics, the jumpsuits, and of course all the hair! I bring aspects of it into my current wardrobe whenever I can. I love rocking my Emerson Fry high-waisted, wide leg pant with a bodysuit/wrap blouse, big necklace, loose curls and pair of heels, or swapping a jumpsuit for a dress whenever I can.

HM:  Who are some of your favorite designers? 

LS:  I love Victoria Beckham's line, as well as her personal style. Although I love to try different things, a woman can't go wrong in a sophisticated pencil dress with some great detailing to make it special. Her pieces are perfection! I also love Alexander McQueen.

For mid-priced lines I love Intermix. They have a great selection of great lines like Alexis, Torn by Ronny Kobo and RVN.

On the affordable end Zara is my go-to. The one on Fifth Avenue is my favorite, I could shop there all day fact I probably have. A woman can put together a great, chic yet wearable wardrobe there. I also like ASOS at that price point.

HM:  What current reality TV celeb, in your opinion, has the best fashion sense? 

LS:  It's so hard for me to pick because there are certain things about so many people's style that I like.  But as far as fashion sense goes, I'd say Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules, especially for being only 25.  At that age a lot of women are still figuring fashion out, but Stassi pulls a look together pretty well.  She also understands how accessories can totally make a look. 

Stassi Schroeder

HM:  What is one fashion trend in 2014 that everyone needs to get in on?  

LS:  I really like digital / graphic prints. I'm not a floral print person, so it's nice to have another option that women can wear this year.
One that everyone doesn't need to try? Crop tops! Don't punish yourself if you haven't hit the gym all winter. Sheer panels are a great trend to try instead.

HM:  What fashion trends of 2013 do you think will phase out this year?  

LS:  The silhouette/illusion dress needs to go. I loved it when I first saw Stella McCartney do it, but it's totally been beaten into the ground.

HM:  Do you have a favorite Chicago Boutique?  If so, why is that your favorite? 

LS:  I shop a lot online because I'm obsessed with getting the best deal, but I love what Akira does for Chicago. I feel like it's developed into a whole culture in Chicago that promotes fashion and involvement in that community. Before they got big, your normal young shopper didn't have access to big fashion shows, industry parties or even jobs in the industry and now they do. They also offer fashion forward pieces at an affordable prices.

HM:  Can you give the readers any tips on an easy way to transition an outfit from day to evening?  

LS:  I am all about a great blazer for this transition. Throw a blazer with some feminine detail over a fitted dress or cute top and skinny pant for daytime and take it off and throw a hot pair of heels on and show 'em what ya got at Happy Hour. Adding a statement necklace can be a great extra touch too.

HM:  What do you hope for your fans to take away from Big Blonde Hair? 

LS:  I really hope that people take away that they can look great at any age, at any budget with any body type. Don't have the body type for a mini dress? Buy a maxi with a fab accessory! Think you're too mature for a low cut blouse? Pair it with an amazing blazer!  I cringe when people say "Well I don't have anywhere to wear that" or "People would stare!" If you love it and it makes you feel good, wear it. Make them stare is a good thing! Imagine if Kim Kardashian woke up one day and said "My butt is too big, I can't wear that! People will talk!" We wouldn't even know her name. Fashion should be about fun and can be a way to let people know who you are without saying a word.

HM:  Lastly, do you have any advice for any aspiring bloggers that may want to take a similar route in blogging full-time?  

LS: If you want it to be a full time job you have to treat it like one, even if that means working on it at night after another job, which you will most likely have to do starting out. Big bloggers with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers and those who get free boxes of clothes didn't get to be that way over night. You have to be willing to work hard even while you aren't making money. And it does take time, as well as strategy to make money.

And there you have it!  Expert advice from the source herself on blogging, reality TV and most importantly fashion!  Whether your love affair with celebrities and fashion is driven from the long-standing drama's we see from week to week or some other guilty pleasure you're not quite ready to divulge, let Lauren Sebastian work her magic into your closet!  

And make sure to check out Big Blonde Hair on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!  

- Sophia Sanchez
Director of Digital Content & Editor

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