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Tuesday, January 21, 2014 Sophie Magdalena

Did you know the average American woman owns about 21 pairs of undies?  With only 10% of the population owning up to 35 pairs.  I suppose that makes me a bit of an anomaly because I'm going to let you in on a little secret....  I'm certain I own close to 100 pairs.  

As women, I'm confident we all have specific panties we save for different occasions.  There is everyday use, working out, sexy nights out and of course, the infamous "granny" pantie for that special time of month.  And while certain women, like myself, may enjoy shopping for an endless supply of cute knickers, we shouldn't have to sacrifice style for function and fit!  

I happened to stumble upon a brand I felt it necessary to share with you...  Knix Wear is a Toronto-based, high-tech women's underwear company that launched earlier in 2013 that not only serves a functional purpose, but combines fashion, fit and gives women everywhere the confidence to power through their days, no matter what their lifestyle.  

Founder Joanna Griffiths has spent the last four years perfecting her brand to ensure that Knix Wear would appeal to women of all shapes, ages and sizes.  

"We believe it's time women's underwear did more so we've designed a product made specifically with women's needs in mind," said Griffiths.  "Knix Wear wants to empower women to feel confident no matter where their day takes them, be it to power through their morning workout, let out a laugh or a sneeze with confidence or avoid mishaps during that 'special' time of the month; Knix Wear has got you covered."  

This innovative underwear brand introduces beautiful, comfortable, effective and leak-free underwear that erases chance of an embarrassing moment.  Each pair features patented Fresh Fix Technology, an ultra thin absorbent gusset which wicks away and absorbs up to 3 teaspoons of moisture, and naturally eliminates odor.  And with a 100% cotton layer top touching your skin, Knix Wear provides extraordinary protection without feeling out of the ordinary.  

Using no chemicals and all natural fibers and materials the Knix Wear product line includes 3 versatile styles: 

Knix - The everyday seamless basic, upgraded

Knixy - The all-day lace collection that women can comfortably wear from morning until late at night

FitKnix - The ultimate workout underwear, made entirely of high-performance fabrics that wick away sweat

Perfect for everyday use, an active lifestyle and still looks adorable?!  I'll be honest, I was a skeptic.  Knix Wear was gracious enough to send me samples of two of their styles, Knix Boyshort & FitKnix Boyshort, and I had to put the product to the test.  Complete with chic packaging, these seamless panties are easily the most comfortable intimates I've ever had the pleasure of wearing, and the adorable boyshort style made me feel feminine and flirty to boot!  I wore them with ease from day to night and they even held up during my rigorous workout routines without bunching.  

Retailing at $28 - $38, these stylish knickers are well worth the investment!  I know each of you, like me, are in full resolution swing and hitting the gym to work off those pesky holiday pounds.  Knix Wear is for the real woman, so let Knix Wear revolutionize the way you feel about women's undergarments!  

- Sophia Sanchez 
Director of Digital Content & Editor

*Some images courtesy of knixwear.com*
*Review is solely the opinion of the reviewer and has not been influenced in any way.*

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