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Indie Style with International Flare: The Maven Collection

Monday, January 27, 2014 Cheyenne Hendricks

In the Western World, we are often deprived of the unique beauty and one-of-a-kind artwork from around the globe. We have been conditioned to focus solely on what's in front of us as opposed to exploring and delving into the unknown. Well, get ready to broaden your horizons. The Maven Collection is an eclectic assortment of vibrantly colorful, handmade products from Morocco, India, Peru, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Los Angeles, and Chicago! Here you can discover some of the world's finest artisanal commodities brought to you by founder, Laura Hebden

In 2007, after the culture of Greece, Zambia, Peru, and other countries to which she traveled had enchanted and enthralled her, Laura realized that the local markets were one of her favorite parts of international travel. She was enticed by the textiles, crafts, and hand made goods all carefully sculpted by a passionate local artist. The majesty of such simple, yet astoundingly wondrous work made her fall even deeper in love with her studies of art and design. She yearned to bring the emotional experience elicited from one look at this regal merchandise back to her home in the states. Thus, after years of studying and perfecting her plans, she launched the Maven Collection in March of 2013!

The Maven Collection celebrates all of those international vendors whose lives are dedicated to creating beautiful materials that are not only useful but add artistic grandeur to any home. The products range from women's clothing and accessories to home accents and decorations. You can find exclusive, hand made rugs, bed sets, baskets, and pillows to accentuate your specific artistic taste, or if you are not sure what would make your house a home, you can take advantage of the "personal styling" feature which guides you as to which items would best enhance your home! 

In today's society, it is common to want to keep up with the trending fads, but isn't it more fun and adventurous to blaze your own trail? I would prefer to be bold with my fashion style by sporting lovely, hand made adornments from the Maven Collection. They offer sweaters, shoes, bags, jewelry, and more! Everything a girl needs to feel empowered, worldly, and feminine is right here. With the rare products found in the Maven Collection, any girl can show the world that she isn't just another dull person following the crowd.

"We support independent and cooperative artisans with a strong commitment to their craft. We value indigenous artisanal techniques and want to contribute to keeping those traditions alive. Each piece is handmade, keeping production manageable, as well as unique.," says Laura

They are strong supporters of giving their artisans the compensation they deserve; which means that they value quality over quantity. Hence, their products don't come in massive amounts, so you should buy fast while they have them in stock! The money you spend buying a product goes directly to the artisan who took the time to make it by hand. This is a spectacular company which benefits us as the consumers and the merchants all over the world who use their time and talent to create all original products from scratch. 

For more info, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and shop online at
Cheyenne Hendricks
Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger 

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