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In Hindsight: Varied Perceptions of Reality with Lindsey Wiseman

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Kenny Muzzey

At a young age, Lindsey Wiseman, had known what she wanted ‘to be when she grew up.’ Unlike many of us, who still do not know what we want to be when we grow up. Lindsey wanted to be an artist. Specifically, a painter; however, like the many colours displayed on the colour wheel, her scope of talents is both impressive and expansive.

In her earlier years Lindsey, an Elgin-based artist, had been influenced by various art institutions, both locally, as well as, nationally.  Larkin High School’s Visual and Performing Arts Academy, in addition to, Napa California’s Oxbow Art School gave Lindsey the chance to study her passion. Utilizing both traditional and nontraditional mediums, she created countless works, installations, and performances. In the following years Lindsey had decided to take to a traditional painting atelier setting in France. She studied under master painter Patrick Betaudier in Monflanquin in 2006-7, through which she had become interested in figurative realism painting. Following her experiences in France, Lindsey returned stateside to finish up her college career at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

With the conclusion of her formal education art has continued to play a major role in Lindsey’s life. She has continued onward with both drawing and painting. Much like how historic painters often painted over old works, her current interests’ span the decade’s and are derived from her past works and ideas, splattered with, of course, her newer inspirations. As of late, Lindsey’s interests have focused on alternate perceptions of reality, motion, the human form and expression, and finally, different aspects of neuroscience.

In a little less than two weeks Lindsey is going to be having her first solo art showing at Side Street Studio Arts from 6PM until 10PM. The exhibit titled ‘In Hindsight: Varied Perceptions of Reality’ which will be complemented by Trocar Buttons performing improvisational jazz starting at the 8 o’clock hour followed by some of their original songs. So please come support Lindsey, a girl who has known what she wanted to do since she was very young, which, in this day and age is something special.

A statement from the artist, Lindsey Wiseman, as follows, “In Hindsight:
Reality is relative to how you choose to perceive it.  Over the years my interest in perceived aspects of reality has shifted.  In the beginning of my artistic career I was interested in the anatomy and functionality of human beings.  From there, my portraits attempted to reveal honest emotional depths as well as illusionistic depictions of their likenesses.  Most recently, my works focus on transformation and dark hallucinations as a reality.  I define my charge as an artist to create an image that transcends basic depiction and moves into the realm of illusion.  I work constantly to improve my technique in this way because this must take place in order for viewers to suspend disbelief and enter into a relationship with the person or reality in the artwork. I hope my work encourages the viewer to engage each situation as though it were real.”

Thanks Lindsey and good luck!

Side Street Studio Arts was host to the Chicago Burlesque Showcase that I had written about prior, if you wish to check that story out you can visit the following link, The Usual Weekends.

And if you wish to follow Side Street Studio Arts you can do so on Facebook.

Saturday, February 8th 2014 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM at Side Street Studio Arts located at 15 Ziegler Ct, Eglin, IL, 60120.

Images provided are owned and copyrighted by Side Street Studio Arts.

~Kenny Muzzey~
Halfstack Blogger & Photographer

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