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Food is the Key to a Man's Heart

Friday, January 31, 2014 Cheyenne Hendricks

Let's face it folks, Valentine's Day, no matter how magical and wonderful can be rough on the men in our lives. They toil away planning romantic dinners, scheduling carriage rides, and buying expensive gifts; and all we can seem to do in return is get them a boring tie or a cute-sy teddy bear. Buying gifts for the man in your life is  never a simple task. You ask what he wants, and he gives ambiguous answers or just says he doesn't want anything. Well, this year we have the solution to all of your gift giving problems! Remember that old saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach?" It still rings true today.

You can win the eternal love and abounding affection of your man through one thing: Food! Men love it! So, let's give our  boys what they love by subscribing them to America's "food of the month" club for men, Mantry. With Mantryyou can open up the pantry of possibilities by sending your beloved meat, cheese, barbecue sauce, and all artisan picked delicacies to titillate his tastebuds and tug on his heart strings. These mouth watering sensations will be proudly delivered to his doorstep every month! Each order consists of six premium foods and beverages, exclusively curated for your man, carefully nestled in a sturdy, American made, wooden crate.

Men want more than just a pantry stuffed with food; they want a Mantry! For men, food is like sex. They like to savor it slowly, experiment to find what they like, and to indulge frequently. February is a time to celebrate the bonds we have with our loved ones, and we must acknowledge our two basic human instincts which ultimately bond us all together: sex and eating; so what better day to revere these delicious luxuries than Valentine's Day? You can fulfill your man's fantasies with a simple subscription to this monthly assortment of artisan selected fine cuisine. From fluffy, weightless pancakes to sizzling, succulent steak, I guarantee your man will be soaked in endless satisfaction. 

We don't just want to please our men. We want them to feel our love by experiencing the true luxury of satiating one's self in a symphony of flavors and culinary ecstasy. To do that, not only can you revel in monthly crates of irresistible temptations by Mantry, but you can read the complimentary guide on how to prepare, cook, and serve the goodies received each month! Each guide includes details about every product, the maker's story, and salaciously scrumptious recipes.  You'll have him swooning with tantalizing dishes like the bacon, brie and jelly sandwich and buttermilk fried chicken. 

Just imagine how much happier you both will be canoodling on the couch after feasting on the orgasmically gourmet sundry of prime foods and libations provided by Mantry. There's nothing more inviting on a romantic evening than the seductive aroma of smoked salmon and the enticing taste of a velvety, full bodied red wine. Capture the whimsy of Valentine's Day and the essence of your love all year round with Mantry! Don't forget what they say, "Great food is like great sex. The more you have, the more you want!"

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Cheyenne Hendricks
Lifestyle Blogger 

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