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Thursday, January 02, 2014 Sophie Magdalena

The fashion industry is so fickle.  What is popular today, can very well become a fashion faux pas tomorrow.  And it's no secret that keeping up with 'what's hot' can be a huge blow to our bank accounts.  It isn't just in the clothes we wear either.  From clothing, to accessories, to shoes and everything in between, it can be a difficult task to find staples that can carry us through varying fashion trends.  

Groove & Stitch is a new and emerging accessories brand based in the Chicagoland area that provides a classic and chic elegance in crocheted accessories for men and women.  Bringing you brightly colored lapel pins and earrings, this simply stated sophistication offers a statement of panache, perfect for any outfit.  

Founded by aunt and nephew, Angelica and Noel Alcantara; it was one week before attending a wedding that Noel asked Angelica if she would create a lapel pin he could wear with this suit.  The following day, Angelica gave him a beautiful and bright blue flower lapel pin.  

At the wedding, many inquired about the lapel pin and where they could purchase one.  After explaining that his aunt made it for him, one person asked if Angelica could create a smaller version of the lapel pin flower into a set of earrings....  It was this night in which the business idea emerged.    

At a mere five months in business, the duo masterminds behind Groove & Stitch find themselves hurriedly keeping up with orders.  With fashion bloggers and customers all over Chicago raving about their love for Groove & Stitch, the reception for these made-to-order, hand-crocheted accessories has already been tremendous.  The business is well on their way to being one of Chicago's hottest brands.  

Halfstack Editor, Sophia Sanchez sporting Groove & Stitch earrings in Hawaiian Blue

With the lapel pins starting at $25.00 and earrings set at only $15.00, start your New Year off the right way by snagging your own Groove & Stitch accessories.  These timeless and understated adornments are the perfect staples for wardrobes everywhere!  

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- Sophia Sanchez
Digital Content Director & Editor

*Photo rights belonging to Groove and Stitch*
*Sample submission by Groove & Stitch; product review solely the opinion of Sophia Sanchez of Halfstack Magazing.*  

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