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The Usual Weekends.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 Kenny Muzzey

"So… whaddya do this weekend?” your mundane small talk.  Whether you love it or hate it, usually someone will engage you as you travel about from point a to point b. Perhaps you kind of mumble something under your breath, as you really didn’t do anything exciting or just maybe it was something that you shouldn’t necessarily discuss in polite company. Either way, we have all been there. 

For me, having no shame, and a complete disregard for social boundaries, had no problem discussing what I had done over the weekend. Excitedly, I exclaimed to my coworkers that I had the pleasure of seeing a burlesque show located in quaint little art studio in downtown Elgin. Side Street Studio Arts had presented what was deemed the Chicago Burlesque Showcase.

Having been invited by my friend Lindsey; she also happens to be an intern for the studio.  I arrived a few minutes before she did, so I grabbed a drink and found a seat not really knowing what to expect.  My only previous knowledge of burlesque shows had been highlighted in an episode of The Simpsons.  Eventually meeting up with Lindsey, she excitedly explained to me about previous shows which gave me a vague idea of what was about to happen.    

Sipping on my beer, I watched people scurry about grabbing drinks, finding seats and cleaning up this or that.  The lights dimmed; the universal sign that the show was about to begin.  The show opened with a dancer who goes by the call name Bazuka Joe dancing to a well-known holiday song, "The Little Drummer Boy."  A slightly strange start to the show, given I loosely knew what to expect as I thought to myself "Oh God he's taking off his clothes," as women in the audience cheered and the men looked around uncomfortably.  The hostess, MsPixy, laughed adoringly after this number, mentioning she just loved to see the reactions of the men in the audience as many men seem ignorant to the fact that often times burlesque shows feature male dancers in addition to female dancers.  

The show was broken into halves with each half containing five or six individual numbers.  The first half of the show was Christmas themed while the second half was Winter themed.  Each number was broken up by hilarious commentary from MsPixy and her friend "Giant Martini Glass."  

Most definitely an incredible experience, I thank Lindsey for the invite.  A great time had, I recommend that everyone check out a burlesque show at some point in time.  Each and every show is different with different themes, such as "nerdesque."   And without much nudity (limited to bare bottoms), not to risque for those 'fainter of heart.'  The dancing was incredible, the jokes spot on and all else was in good fun.  

If you're hesitant because burlesque isn't quite your thing, I still recommend you check it out at least once.  It's definitely not anything you'll expect.  MsPixy and the dancers will be returning to 
Side Street Studio Arts in Elgin again this coming April for another show. If it is something you wish to check out, follow Side Street Studio Arts for updates. Have a safe and happy holiday and in this wintery wonderland, drive smart.

Thanks again to Side Street Art Studio, you can follow them on Facebook, and if you wish to check out a local burlesque show here in Chicago click the link that follows: Chicago Burlesque.


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