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Ryka Footwear: A Sneak Peek

Monday, December 16, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Fashion guru, Teresa Espinoza, reviews Ryka Footwear!  

"Ryka is an athletic apparel and footwear brand that is dedicated and designed for the active woman. Ryka takes care of the issue between performance and style, meeting both needs seamlessly. Ryka was founded over 25 years ago with their singular focus being to provide a solution to women’s athletic footwear. As a shoe aficionado, style is a big determining factor when purchasing athletic shoes. However, without comfort and functionality, style becomes null. Ryka shoes are designed with women in mind and its visible in each shoe. The engineering of each shoe is to provide support based on the consumers personal needs. Whether its running, walking or training, each shoe has its own design made to give women the most out of their workout."

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Check out Teresa's full review on December 17th when the winter issue of Halfstack Magazine goes live! 

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