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Poetic Justice: Jeans That Fit Your Shape, Not Your Size

Monday, December 16, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Let's be honest.  As women, we put far too much pressure on ourselves to fit this standard of beauty that the media has cooked up over the years.  And what was once a favorite pastime, has now become a nightmare for many.....  

Shopping for jeans! 

I have 30 years of experience in getting to know what looks good on my body and to this day, shopping for a great fitting pair of pants is an activity that has often left my crying in the dressing room!  And I know I'm not alone... 

Why are we so hell bent on comparing ourselves to our size 2 counterparts?  I have yet to come across any two women who are built exactly the same and if I find myself complaining that I wish my butt were bigger, I'll bet the lady next to me is complaining that her butt is too big!  

It's time to embrace the curves we were blessed with because we all represent beauty in our own way and I have just the thing to help you conquer those denim blues!  

Earlier this year I had the privilege of sitting down with Designer, Kalia Kirby of Poetic Justice.  Launched just a few months ago, Poetic Justice is a hot, new denim brand based out of L.A. that brings fashion and figure flattering comfort to every single pair of jeans in their collection.

We've all heard the claims of new designers that they have that "wow" factor that will set their brands apart from all the rest, so in an effort to provide you guys only the truest in information, I had to put these jeans to the test!  Ms. Kalia was generous enough to send me samples of two of her trendiest fits:  the Maya Basic Dark Midrise Skinny Jean and the Grace Diamond Thigh Skinny Boyfriend Jean.  

I can now say without a shred of doubt:  Poetic Justice has figured out the secret to the perfect jean!  Not only are their jeans true to size, but they fit me perfectly on top of being the most comfortable pair of jeans I've ever worn.  

The Maya Basic Dark Midrise Skinny is my absolute favorite.  Who doesn't love a sexy pair of skinnies that hugs in all the right places?!  This jean does just that!  A classic and simple dark wash, this fit is the ultimate wardrobe staple.  I've dressed them up and dressed them down and they have very quickly become my favorite pair of jeans.  Best of all, when most jeans seem to loosen after just a few hours of wear, these jeans retain their shape 100% of the time.  

Me in the Maya Basic Dark Midrise Skinny - $42.00

The Grace Diamond Thigh Skinny Boyfriend Jean has all the glitz and glam you could want in a jean, and ALL at the right price.  At just $58.00 a pair, these jeans are the perfect statement piece for turning heads.  I have always been a bit terrified of the boyfriend jean because my 5'4" stature has led me to believe certain silhouettes shorten my frame, however I was once again pleasantly surprised by their ease of styling and the perfect fit. 

Me in the Grace Diamond Thigh Skinny Boyfriend Jean - $58.00

In speaking with Kalia, I asked why after receiving her Masters in Fashion Design, she chose denim as her design endeavor.  She could have chosen any number of avenues, however her answer was clear and concise!  

"There certainly has never been a shortage of denim brands, especially here in L.A.  However, in my experience, I've learned there is a lacking market in jeans that fit every shape.  I wanted to create a product that every woman could enjoy.  But if my plan is to say that my jeans fit everyone, I wanted to make sure that I held true to my word.  And I feel that my team and I have been successful.  My jeans fit every shape because we make sure that every style goes through countless hours of fitting to ensure they all fit like a glove."  

I am excited to vouch for that very fact.  I've tested these jeans first hand and I am a forever fan.  Not only do Poetic Justice Jeans fit like a glove, they accentuate all the right places and all at the right price.  Not a single style caps above the price of $70.00 and what I happen to love most about Poetic Justice, is that they don't cater to society's standard of beauty in being a size double zero.  Kalia celebrates healthy women everywhere!  

Designed and tailor made in the U.S., Poetic Justice Jeans are specifically designed to fit your shape.  Women who are shapely, fashionable, stylish and who love to express themselves.  Available in regular sizes 26-32 and plus sizes 16-20, you are sure to find the perfect pair for you.  

If you are looking for a great jean to rock during this holiday season, there is still plenty of time to get your pair before the holidays hit!  And don't forget that Poetic Justice Jeans makes the perfect gift for all the beautiful women in your life.  You will absolutely fall in love, so bust out that credit card and start shopping!

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- Sophia Sanchez
Digital Content Manager & Editor 

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