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One-P Apparel: A Sneak Peek

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

"The age of the millennial is upon us. All over social media and popular culture outlets the world grieves the loathsome fate that awaits today’s esteemed graduates of our institutions of higher learning once they receive their degree and embark on a new venture somewhere out there… in the real world. More than five years ago, it was an exciting endeavor with promising prospects: employment, health insurance, 401Ks, the enlightenment of true adulthood. Today things are slightly less promising to say the least. The never-ending paradoxes of employment only with work experience and unpaid internships plague many an entry-level applicant, leaving most disillusioned rather than enlightened."

"The silver lining in this precarious situation is that the twenty-somethings are not simply sitting around, waiting for things to get better. Instead they are evolving, innovating, and proving to the world that when a dream job does not exist, necessary steps WILL be made to create it. In 2009, Roy Uy found himself in this very position. Freshly graduated from university with a degree in Physical Education and Health, Roy embarked on a hunt for a teaching job in the Chicago metropolitan area that would come up short at every possible turn. For a while, it seemed as though Roy’s career in teaching and advocating health and wellness would never take off and he worried that he would never do what he always dreamed that he would do. However, an unexpected calling at the implausible intersection where fashion and sports collide would inspire Roy to found a company called One-P Apparel and prompt him to find a new way to fulfill his dream on unconventional terms."

Halfstack Model Anna sporting One-P Apparel

Jen Pontrelli of Halfstack Magazine shares with us the details of her interview with Roy Uy of One-P Apparel.  Check back on December 17th for her full article, when the winter issue of Halfstack Magazine goes live!

Photography by Stephanie Battista 

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